botch question

I feel REALLY silly for asking this, because it's so rudimentary.

Does a non-magical aura add extra botch dice to a botch roll? If so, I presume a level 2 divine aura will add 2 extra botch dice?

It did in 4th edition, but I can't find the rule in 5th ed.



Yes, they do.

P183 Main rules, 1st column, 2nd paragraph under REalm interacton.

THe question I have is whether divine effects suffer botch dice from other auras. THe realm interaction chart say no effect and the last line of the realm interaction text section says "THe divine is not hampered by auras of other kinds" does this mean no aura effect on powers and no botch dice or only no aura effect on their powers?

I would think so, yes. The Divine is all powerful.

Thanks so much!

Thought so, just couldn't find the dang rule!

Have had the exact same problem myself, more than once even!
The botch die part REALLY should be included with the aura interaction table area. Oh so easy to miss in the text.