Bran an t-Iarbiteon

I count 8 point in flaws and 10 points in virtues...

Dang. I thought Envied Beauty was a major... I'll let you know here when I figure out what to add or change.

Actually that seems to be an error of the Virtue & Flaws list. It's listed as a major story flaw in HoH:S p56) and I checked the Errata and there doesn't seem to be one for this.

okay- you seem to have 435 points in abilities, and 120 points in arts.
the total should be 45(childhood) +195 (before apprenticeship)+50 (bardic education)+240 (apprenticeship)=480 points, which puts you 75 points over...

Yeah, tried to set it up so I wasn't including native language as XP and just gave the skill @ 5... anyway, screwed up by forgetting to remove the 75xp from the check value. Removed those points. Probably easier to just start from jump since I removed points from a bunch of abilities.

I don't see where you have removed that many points, especially since you also added 30 in area lore. I still show you being 50 points over.
Also worth noting at this point though I haven't finished the technical analysis, that the typical age for an apprentice is 8, and 15 is generally the upper limit, since after that they aren't really children anymore.

I didn't add area lore, I moved it to actually be in alphabetical order. It's possible your function didn't include it the first time, there was a period where there should have been a comma which I fixed when I moved it. Things I know I removed:
English from 4 to 3, 20xp.
Prof: Poetry 2 to 1, 10xp
Prof: Storyteller 4 to 3, 20xp
Craft Poetry 4 to 3, 20xp
Legerdemain 1 removed, 5xp

Which removed 75xp.

Regarding the age, Bardic Education begins at 16 so in order to take that virtue I had to have him be 16 + some time. I noted this in the backstory as the bit about his parens wanting to bring the bardic tradition into the hermetic fold.

That addition is wrong, comes to 530.

I see my mistake. Character approved

I just realized I completely spaced on giving Bran the 4xp in Parma Magica as detailed for the end of apprenticeship in Apprentices. Would you mind if I moved 4 xp from Ride, a skill I haven't used, into Parma so I don't have to spend a season being taught Parma after my gauntlet?

That would be fine.

you have the xp from summer 1195, in autumn 1195 you find out that you have a position available in Rome, you will spend much of the time traveling to Rome so I will say 1 xp in parma magica and 3xp in languages or area lore from the trip.
At this point you would be in Luctatio until Summer 1200 when the tribunal begins, so you can handle the advancement to that point.

Argh, need to update Bran amd I keep not asking if Bran got one of the hand-me-down labs and, if so, which one?

He did, I re-labelled it on the wiki.

Here's the breakdown from divying up the adventure xp and travel xp:
5 to Folk Ken
5 to Guile
1 to Parma (bringing Parma to a score of 1)
3 to North Italian (I figured being on a boat with a Genoese crew member if not a genoese boat from London or somewhere else in England would not be too far fetched)

Curious what the local language at Luctatio would be, Tuscan or North Italian, and if Luctatio would help Bran with a language tutor. Otherwise Bran would just do practice for a number of seasons to get his local language up to 4.

Also, during the pre-Tribunal time are there any covenant demands on his time?

Also, I believe I need to look into costs for a Longevity ritual which you posted but I need to examine. The problem of making a non-Creo or Corpus mage starting so damn old.

The covenant makes no demands of his time during that interval.