Bran an t-Iarbiteon

I count 8 point in flaws and 10 points in virtues...

Dang. I thought Envied Beauty was a major... I'll let you know here when I figure out what to add or change.

Actually that seems to be an error of the Virtue & Flaws list. It's listed as a major story flaw in HoH:S p56) and I checked the Errata and there doesn't seem to be one for this.

okay- you seem to have 435 points in abilities, and 120 points in arts.
the total should be 45(childhood) +195 (before apprenticeship)+50 (bardic education)+240 (apprenticeship)=480 points, which puts you 75 points over...

Yeah, tried to set it up so I wasn't including native language as XP and just gave the skill @ 5... anyway, screwed up by forgetting to remove the 75xp from the check value. Removed those points. Probably easier to just start from jump since I removed points from a bunch of abilities.

I don't see where you have removed that many points, especially since you also added 30 in area lore. I still show you being 50 points over.
Also worth noting at this point though I haven't finished the technical analysis, that the typical age for an apprentice is 8, and 15 is generally the upper limit, since after that they aren't really children anymore.

I didn't add area lore, I moved it to actually be in alphabetical order. It's possible your function didn't include it the first time, there was a period where there should have been a comma which I fixed when I moved it. Things I know I removed:
English from 4 to 3, 20xp.
Prof: Poetry 2 to 1, 10xp
Prof: Storyteller 4 to 3, 20xp
Craft Poetry 4 to 3, 20xp
Legerdemain 1 removed, 5xp

Which removed 75xp.

Regarding the age, Bardic Education begins at 16 so in order to take that virtue I had to have him be 16 + some time. I noted this in the backstory as the bit about his parens wanting to bring the bardic tradition into the hermetic fold.

That addition is wrong, comes to 530.

I see my mistake. Character approved