Ok, who has had in game breakthroughs, and what were they?

In the saga we played until recently, my snake-magus was doing well researching permanent muto (Hermetic Breakthrough) experimenting via alchemy.

Pretty interesting, while experimenting he has done some durable (but not permanent) modifications on some snakes, modifying in their eggs their color and their size.

Sadly he didn't have the time to finish his project.

<<doom doom DOOOOOOMMMM!>>

Poor fellow. Too warped, too old, or little time due to plot event?

Actually it was dangerous, when you stabilize your research, you gain warping points, my character was Twilight prone... and had wayyy too much twilights in his early career.

That and the plot, the apprentice, the Ex-misc primus electoral campaign... Well that takes a lot of time !

But it was really fun though !