Breeding metals with Planets And Raising Gemstones

Hi, i have a doubt.
The Gemstones could be supposed, for the Mythic Europe, that can reproduce sexually right under the earth surface. The metals are produced by Planetary influences (Gold with the Sun, Silver with the Moon, mercury whit Mercury, Venus with copper, iron with Mars, Jupiter with pewter, and lead with Saturn).
Then, Could Effects of Cr(Re, Mu)Te(Vi) rituals and Cr(Re, Mu)Te with Boundary (for territorys or covenants areas) or Structure (for mines) make better the production of that products. Thats effects could be
Calling the harvest of th (Planet) Cr(Re, Mu)Te(Vim) Level: 60/55*, Range: Touch, Duration: Year, Target: Structure. Ritual.
That spell is possibly one ancient secret of the terrrae Magi, or maybe from other Mystery Cult. The effects is the summoning of planetary resonances over a mine, calling for the creation of more and better raw materials. There are Seven versions, one therefore planet and metal. Must be made over a naturally mine for that material with the Horoscpe for her and calculating the influeces form suitable planet in the moment and hour apropiate.
Roll a simple dice of Inteligence + Artes Liberales (Astronomy) or Philosophy (Natural Philosofy) and compare for see posible effects in the matter prouced: up to 6 or less the products is the same that the originally mined, up to 9 or less the 1/4 part of the matter is a step best on Quality, up to 12 or less the 1/3 is a best level on qualities and 1/5 is two, 18 or more the half of all is one level best 1/4 is two higher and a Vis source appears in the mine.
That spell warps the mine, but the great advantage is the enhancement of production.
(Base 15 create precious metal o 10 for no precious metal* and really to affect the natural metal creation procces rather create them, Boundary + 3, Year +4, +2 Size, +1 to make better the resonance of metal to resonances, + 1 to affect resonace with Cr(Re)Vi, + 1 Intricazy)/(┬┐No Hermetic?)
Flock of Pretty Jewells Cr(Re, Mu)Te Level 85. Range: Touch, Duration: Year, Target: Boundary. Ritual.
You can ake grow the "breeding rate" for gemstones of the area. You can't select the gemstones, that are those there are originally in the surrounding area. They can look like if they swim or dive to up the grow.
That spell warp the area's earth but can make others effects, like the apariton vis Sources, but only if the troupe acccord that are normally like gemstones of virtue. For taht you must roll more that 15 in a Inteligence + Philosophy (Natural Philosophy) stress die. With a botch, the difficulty of search and find the gemstones grow up.
(Base level 25 to create the gemstones needed fort the flock and make them more "fertile", +2 size, +1 for make the gemstones go up with ReTe and for make the gemstones of the area "mate and breed" more rapidly - unnaturally for minerals by MuTe, + 4 Boundary, +1 Touch, +4 year)

Are goods ideas?