Brigid (development)

Brigid is a tall, lithe woman with a vaguely masculine face. She claims to be the Brigid of the Tuatha de Danann, having been struck by a terrible curse that separated her warrior/smith aspect from her two 'sisters'. She has attached herself to Leandra in an attempt to recover (find?) her other powers (sisters?) - poetic inspiration and healing/fertility.

Might: 20
Apparent age: mid-20s
Size: 0
Confidence: see Reputation
Personality: Serious +2, Hopeful +2
Reputations: Skilled Warrior +3, Skilled Smith +2

Int -1
Per -1
Str +2
Sta +2
Prs -2
Com -0
Dex +2
Qik +2

Passes for Human (free)
Humanoid Faerie
Increased Faerie Might (major)
Highly Cognizant
Reputation as Confidence
Lesser Power x2
Personal Power

Traditional Ward (Christian holy symbols)
Driven (major)
Optimistic (minor)
Susceptible to Deprivation

Pretenses (based on average magus age of 33)
Gaelic (ancient) 5
Athletics (jumping) 4
Awareness (alertness) 3
Bows (short bow) 6
Brawl (dodge) 6
Craft: Blacksmith (weapons) 6
Hunt (deer) 3
Single Weapon (short bow) 6
Stealth (natural areas) 3
Swim (long distance) 2
Survival (forest) 3

Dodge: +9
Short Spear: Init +4 / Atk +11 / Def +9 / Dam +7*
Round Shield: Init +2 / Atk +8 / Def +10 / Dam +2
Short Bow: Init +1 / Atk +13 / Def +9 / Dam +6*
Dagger: Init +2 / Atk +10 / Def +8 / Dam +5*
Punch: Init +2 / Atk +8 / Def +8 / Dam +2

  • Can be affected by Damaging Effect (see Powers)

Arrow of Flame (Lesser Power, 20 levels) - As Pilum of Fire, though Brigid 'shoots' it from her bow as a cosmetic effect. (2 Might points, Init -2, Ignem)
Damaging Effect (Lesser Power, 15 levels) - Adds 5 damage to all of the faerie's weapons. See RoP:F p. 58 for full description.
Fearful Flaming Eye (Lesser Power, 15 levels) - Completely paralyzes a human who makes eye contact with the faerie. See RoP:F p. 58.
Supernatural Agility (Personal Power, 25 levels) - Allows the faerie to perform minor supernatural feats when using its Athletics Pretense. See RoP:F p. 62.

You're going to make me reread RoP:F, aren't you. :smiley:

Where's 'uninspirational' from? I can't seem to find it. :slight_smile:

Grogs. There's something about her that's just bland and boring, making it hard for her to influence people. She's at a -3 penalty to all Leadership, Charm, Intrigue, Etiquette, and Personality rolls to stir or impress people. It seemed to fit with the loss of her inspirational aspect.

Makes sense. Really nicely done, by the way. I like her. :slight_smile:

Thanks. This was the first faerie character I've tried to write up. I was surprised by how 'low-power' they are compared to magic characters from RoP:M, though I suppose the general glamour powers (regeneration, equipment, etc.) will balance that out.