Bringing the Sunlight to the Subterranean Covenant


My fellow Sodales and I are thinking about an Invested Device able to generate light to enlight our subterranean and extensive Covenant.
The Covenant is around 50 rooms of various size to light.
The point is that some rooms have to stay in darkness (like dormitory and magi chambers, in which casual light would be used when needed) and, eventually, a magi - or anyone knowing how to - should be able to adjust which rooms are lightened and which are not.

I face some difficulties to design the item (we were thinking about an enchanted fountain in the main room of the Alliance, that we could later enchant with others nice effects).
Base level would be 4, Create light as bright as a cloudy day
+1 Touch
+2 Sun
+3 Structure (10 rooms)
+1 Size (10 rooms => 100 rooms)
+3 lvl Environmental trigger
+1 lvl 2 uses per day
That would bring a level 39 enchantment

Questions are:
if we want to light only some rooms of the complex, not all of them, should we add a magnitude for "Part"?
If some rooms are bigger than the base "Room" target (whom target "Structure" contains 10), do we need another magnitude for a second "Size", which would apply to the size of the room. The biggest room is around 450 m²...
How to set it so that somebody can adjust the rooms being enlightened and those not?

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

I'd add a Rego requisite for this and be happy.

How about having one magus learn a circle/ring spell to effectively make heat-less torches. It's not that high-level a spell and takes no vis. The whole investment should be 1 season for the spell (maybe part of a season if you have a CrIg specialist), some time to make the circles, and some time to cast the spells.


Since time immemorial (well, around 1998) our covenants have been lighted by circle/ring spells: B4 for a really bright torch. With touch circle ring it goes up to level 15. Get thois as a casting tablet and you can cast it as much as you want easily and light up your whole covenant woith smokeless fires. Our covenants tend to be well lit. :slight_smile:


But how Warped are they? :slight_smile:

This isn't a spell active on the whole covenant, but rather active on some circle/ring. For a classic feel maybe you would have a torch base with a metal ring at its top and cast the spell on the metal ring. You could always get rid of those rings after a while, replacing them with new rings if you don't want Warped rings sitting around. You'd only have to do this once every 14 years to avoid having anything with a score more than 1.


Ditto. Maintenance (replacement of warped circle/rings) is a seasonal chore for one of the magi every 2 tribunals. Grab the 4 or 5 casting tablets sitting around for covenant duty and go around the covenant replacing stuff. Easy and it takes less than a season, so you can do your covenant obligations and still study. Problem comes when someone forgets (repeatedly) to change the PeCo ring in one of the chamber pots. happened once, and the SG determined that it did bit the bottom of the poor apprentice that sat there to do his stuff. Funky little funny scene.


Thank you for Ring suggestions, but our game master is not very enthusiastic with Ring as a cheap way to get long term solutions to problems. He prefers enchanted devices for solutions that are meant to be long term.
Hence the enchanted device...

A structure needs to have a well defined boundary. If you want some of the rooms to be left out, simply mark them in an obvious way. make the tiles of the floor a different pattern, for example, or put a pair of steps in front of their doors.

Circle/ring spells are quite a common feature in most covenants that I am aware of, and they are not a big problem when it comes to the setting. Just in case you want to discuss that with your alpha SG :slight_smile: