Broken Covenant of Calebais VTT resources

I'm DMing a DnD5e campaign and have decided to run my characters through The Broken Covenant of Calebais.
I first ran this adventure back in 1993 with my AM !st Edition (Revised) Rulebook.
MY game is running over Discord and Roll 20 and I have begun producing VTT Floorplans/Battlemaps for all of the key locations.
If this is the kind of content that would interest players 30 years after the adventure was published I'd love to share my VTT resources with you (for free of course). Reply to this thread if you'd like me to share more
Here's a low res sample of The first floor of the Covenant (Sorry about the square well, rounded dungeon maps arent practical so I have had to improvise).


Here is Floor 2 of the Covenant


And a partially complete floor 6. This is so far the most challenging


A quick tour around what I have for floor 6 so far


All 8 Floors are now Mapped. Please message me if you'd like the Roll20 files

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Th rest of the files are too big to share here :frowning:

Links to Hi Res uploads of all 8 floors.


I'll be uploading a link to Floor 9 tonight. This will be my last upload as so far I have had no interest for the VTT resources.
I'll be running these maps with my group tomorrow. I cant wait to run this adventure again after 30 years away.


Nice stuff!

I wish I would have had this when I was running Calebais in my Ars Magica group (5e)--I got by with really rough maps. I would be interested in seeing whatever you have made for Roll20. (Who knows, maybe the magi will return to Calebais and find it upgraded.)

Good luck with your D&D campaign, and thank you for sharing your work.

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