Brother Matthias

for the discussion and building of this companion character

first- you can only have 2 personality flaws. You have selected 5.
secondly you do not count the 5 years of childhood as years for later advancement- the 15 xp/yr only applies per year after the age of 5.

I've made corrections.

hydrophobic is not a malediction.
there are numerous possible maledictions involving water, but they would need to be more than a fear of it.

Help me out then, because it seems much like a "curse" to me. I'm looking for something that we can apply the dice to, that will cause him to "sin" despite himself. (So, I as the player am compelled not to just play him as a saint all the time.)

I understand that testing "true faith" would involve really big challenges, I'm just thinking everyday stumbling blocks to being the perfectly good character.

I don't mind anyone else reading this to jump in with an idea consistent with my goals.

Edit: I just want to get him going, so I gave him an animal companion.

first of all there is practically no flaw that applies dice to your behavior- the closest might be plagued by demon where the demon lays frequent obessions upon you.
Second you can take a personality trait without it having to be a flaw, but simply redefining a personality flaw as a malediction does not make it "about the same as a minor general" flaw, regardless of how you want to try and twist words to argue that black is green. Because the definition of a malediction isn't "sounds like a curse" but that it is an actual curse which is about as bad as other general flaws- things like lame, for example. I think that hydrophobia is a far cry from lame.

I just gave him an animal companion.

I'm not trying to milk you for something. I just suspect I'm going to have a weakness as a player of playing him as just one-dimensional (goody two-shoes) unless I have something going on that mechanically forces me out of that mode. As sg if you understand that, and help me out once and a while to make him more flawed as a Christian, I'm good with the switch I just made: (animal companion).

animal companion and monastic vows are both story flaws. Only one story flaw is allowed.

Can we go with "Apostate" (RoP: The Divine, P 36)? His family is Jewish.

This can bring up some nasty questions of whether Jewish is a race or a religion; questions I'd rather not get into OOCly.

That would be fine. In the setting the racial and religious definitions dovetail... not nicely, but... as most Christians are skeptical of Jews who converted, believing they were less than sincere and seeking social acceptance.

Great then! Anything else needing correction? I'm sorry I'm slipping up on so many rules. I'm more trying to fit virtues and flaws into my vision of the character, and so neglecting little rules like limits on flaw types.

Check wounds and fatigue. I just cut and pasted them from another character I found in the game.

the combat stats are fine, however you only get reputations to start with based on virtues and flaws you have- apostate includes a -4 reputation amongst members of your previous faith, I don't see any virtues that would gain you a positive reputation.
Also you should b aware that your character may feel like interfaith dialogue is important and the schism a travesty, but he is definitely as written a Catholic character.

Yes, I knew about the reputation but forgot to add it. Also -1 for Catholics? I wasn't clear on that. I will delete the positive rep.

Oh yes. He's a Franciscan. If the Pope or His abbot were to give him direct orders, he might scheme to interpret him to his liking but he would feel bound to obey. If it were really, really a challenge to his faith, he'd leave the Church, and we'd have to give him new flaws, but I see that happening only at a story guide's contrivance.

no -1 for catholics, only the -4 with jews. Presumedly you don't "look Jewish" since you don't have the outsider flaw... sporting a tonsure probably helps immensely with that.



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