Bruce Lee Theme Park

Oh, sweet holy OMG... this is just screaming for a Feng Shui treatment:,,2089-2340351.html

I ask you, is there any other paragraph that could possibly encapsulate more coolness:

"According to local reports, the park will be patrolled by Bruce Lee “mannequin robots”, radio-controlled from within a giant statue of the late star."


Mannequin Robots? I don't know if this will be Tommy Bartlett's Terrible or Bruce Lee freakin cool.


It occurs to me, in 2056, the abandoned remains would be perfect for a "haunted amusement park", and of course it's the secret hideout for a Criminal Mastermind who's got an army of Bruce Lee clone/cyborgs wandering around what's left of the zero-g antigrav coasters. And of course to get to the control center in the head of the giant Bruce Lee statue, they have to fight their way up "Game of Death"-style through five floors of Robot Fu masters, finishing off with ol' Wilt the Stilt of course.

Well that's just ingenious. kudos.