buffing grogs

What sort of spells would your magus typically cast on the turb of grogs before leaving the Covenant grounds?
Assuming you don't want them to suffer Warping.

A Moon duration CrCo to increase recovery checks seems reasonable.If your favourite grog is at risk of bleeding out before the medic/magi can reach them, you want to improve their odds of survival somehow.

Considering how fast and easy a mage can cas cast Formulaic spells, the only cost to the magus should be learning the spells in the first place.

An enchanted device to buff grogs has several advantages:
(1) grogs can learn to use it themselves - so you can do with lower durations
(2) a caster can't botch his spellcasting
(3) you can e. g. include the application of buffing into the routine schedules of grogs: buff the vision of sentries, the resilience of quick responders etc.

My magus' favorite is buffing grogs with a variant of ArM5 p.136 Shriek of the Impending Shafts, and getting them trained to maneuver and fight under it.

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He wouldn't. He is a rusticanus so he would provide them with cookies and arrows/darts instead. Fletching and cooking are the two crafts he knows.

Cookies are available for the veil of invisibility, aura of ennobled presence, and dispelling imaginem magic.

In arrows and darts he has a larger selection, mostly offensive, and not the typical grog buffing spells either. Pit of the Gaping Earth, Demon's Eternal Oblivion, PeCo Heavy Wound, Lamp without Flame (very nice when you shoot the arrow into a dark tunnel).

The selection is much too wide for the grogs to manage, so it is provided more on an ad hoc basis. The Veil of Invisibility is generally useful though, especially for the archer squad. A touch version of Wizard's Sidestep is high on the wishlist.

This, of course, makes sense only for this particular magus.


Moon duration Eyes of the Cat, as well as Disguise of the New Face/incubus' trick to anonymise the grogs.
Purify the Festering Wound is just a standard.

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Now look what you did, you reminded me of my character Edan.
He was an optimist with Diedne Magic, and probably absolutely horribly to have to listen to. But he always did seem to have the (low level) buff spell people would need.
Didn't like labwork much though.


It rather depends on how important what they are doing is and if any of the Magi are going with them. That determines if they can pull "special" items out of their armory or even possibly get items out of the Vault.

The "special" items range from things like enchanted weapons and armor, warded shields, varies charged items (arrows and potions mostly), and a few tracking/communication items which link up with a counterpart located in the Council Hall.

Items from the Vault can include everything from things to make camping easier (magic tents, magic cooking stone), weather protection, auto mapper, a few weapons that do more than improve the weapons stats, invisibility items, flight items, Vis detection/collection items, and varies "X per Day" spell items.

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Doublet of Inpenetrable Silk. Doesn't cause warping of grogs because you cast it on their clothing and the +3 soak is actually pretty damn powerful. Cast it on everyone that leaves the covenant with you, even the non-combatants. Makes those surprise ambushes just a little more survivable.