Build a small pseudo-supernatural character stub!!

Hi there!
This weekend we will have the grand ending of our current saga. we have slain and domesticated drasgons, fought with faerie gods and archmages, faced a mundane invasion of our island and dealt with the raw power of the elements to come up as one of the most powerful covenants in the British isles with a library rivaling that of Triamore or Durenmar. It is what happens when you are sitting on a vis field and your players are keen to exploit the system to make the most preoposterous spells. So this Saturday we have our grand Tribunal (version 2.0) session that will end the campaign, hopefully with man and the Isles being declared and independent tribunal of the order of hermes. We will see, since Jordi (delta SG) is running it, and he is smiling smugly in the last sessions...

Anyway, after such grand schemes and play we want to touch the earth again, so we plan to go for an "all hedgie"/mundane saga. Based on triamore or equivalent covenant (location undecided, but the covenant will be the one in the Triamore supplement anyway) we plan on having some small dudes running the show, not hermetics. There are dozens of non hermetic traditions, so here it is. I would want to exploit your collective knowledge to see what kind of supernatural users we will encounter :slight_smile:

So here is the proposal: could you sketch a supernatural user?
The idea is for you to supply a hedge magician or a guy with some (supernatural) virtue(s) and flaw(s) that can be used either as an ally or enemy for the PC. Any tradition serves us well, since power level is not necessarily matched with that of the PC. They can be more powerful or weaker than the PC. What I would like to know is some kind of suggested background and motivation for it to be introduced in the saga. In broad terms you would be suppplying us with NPCs :slight_smile:

Let your imagination fly. Some preposterous samples are as appreciated as a very grounded friar able to create periapts and nothing else. A guy that can only enrich items or cure fevers by his touch is as appreciated as a flying pig shapeshifter that belches lightning on full moon days or a builder of wondrous invisible glass castles.

Thank you in advance.


Here are a couple from my saga...

Eadburg, the Midwife
Eadburg is the kindly, if nosy, village midwife. A skilled midwife and herbalist, her magical talents are limited to a knack for finding things and talent for herblore. She is also knowledgeable the mystical virtues of herbs and uses them to best effect. (Dowsing and Mythic Herbalism)

Bishop Robert
A noted astrologer and mathematician, Robert was appointed Bishop by the king himself. A renowned scholar and capable administrator, Bishop Robert has made great improvements to the diocese and supervised the reconstruction of the Cathedral. It is rumored he is a wizard and, since the last Earl was deposed, the defacto ruler of the region. (Learned Magician and Divination, but more importantly a learned and intelligent man with significant secular and ecclesiastical power.)

Cynhild, the Witch
As a young woman, Cynhild was a beautiful maid at a local manor. She lived as the lord’s mistress until she was disfigured by illness. Cast aside by her lover, she was taken in by the witch Botilda, who taught her herblore and witchcraft. After Botilda’s death, Cynhild continued practice her craft. To those who dare her dark cottage, which is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of her mentor, Cynhild provides abortions, sleeping draughts and words of ill-luck. Cynhild is a bitter and cruel woman. (Cunning Woman specializing in Vulnero and very possibly tainted by the Infernal).

Xanthe - Son of an amazon sorceress, he entered into a demonic pact and acquired the "Gender Shift" and "False Gift" virtues. Later abducted and apprenticed to his mother, he killed her and has subsequently become a sort of magical serial killer, stalking and murdering other amazons in particularly gruesome fashion to fuel his Casting Totals via the Sacrifice rules.

Guillame - Gifted with immense strength by his "Blood of Heroes" virtue, this NPC mythic companion made only a few brief appearances in our saga before it became apparent that under my control he was behaving more like Baby Huey than Herakles.

Louis the Dark
The young brother of the local ruler, Louis is a disturbing fellow. He is dark of hair and people say that he is also dark of soul. It is rumored he is a warlock. He even has a black cat in his room that roams the castle freely. His brother keeps him close, though, and listens to what he says with deference to the dislike of most of his knights. Being much better educated than the rest of the household, Louis is in charge of the health of the inhabitants. Few people say it aloud, but they think he is good at his trade... and also at making the rivals of his brother suffer from ill health, but nobody has said it and been around much longer.
gentleman, temporal influence, mythic herbalism, animal ken, good scores in artes liberales, philosophiae and medicine (periapths et al), magic lore (enrichment), as well as civil&canon law aned area lore to give advise to his brother
magical air, magical animal companion, fragile constitution, oath of fealty

With Hex, he can become quite a powerful background rival to anyone. Note he does NOT have the Gift

George the Thief:
Has a blessed ability from a strong Faerie that gives him the ability to steal one thing from each target and get away. He will not get caught by the target himself while stealing, but often brings trouble as he can be found out and the stolen goods can be tracked etc. Actually can steal abstract stuff as well (like the voice of a singer, the love of a lady or the Gift of a magus...)

Shaleem the Hyena (stolen from this year's Grand Tribunal):
Travels around searching out dead bodies. Learn something from them when he eats them. No control over what he learns, but the ability is based on the body so it works on any dead body, including the ones properly buried. Uses his information to make deals, black mail, find treasures etc.

Captain/Sailor George (traditional from local faerie tales):
Has made a bargain with the Devil that his ship will always have fair winds and never take in water. Sails the oceans as a trader taking advantage of traveling faster than his competitors.

Veslefrikk (also from local faerie tales):
Will always be granted the first thing he asks for from any single person. Travels the world seeking favors and fortune after having had his revenge on those who mistreated him as a kid.