Bundle of Holding

FYI, Bundle of Holding has two Ars Magica bundles going right now. You can get a lot of PDFs for a small amount of money. If I didn't have most of them already I'd jump at the opportunity. Links to the bundles are below:



I like the quotes used from different forums and project redcap to promote the books.

(I also wish that someone at Atlas would tip off the fanzine editors a few months before the bundle of holding, so they could mysteriously time their latest newcomer friendly edition to be released around the same time)

Thanks! I added a few more pdfs to my collection...

Thanks! I added a few more pdfs to my collection...

I ordered the bundle and I'm happy to have these Ars Magica books in PDF form. I'd prefer if they were available on DriveThruRPG where most of my electronic gaming books are stored, but I can live with them being saved in my Bundle of Holding Wizard's Cabinet.

Bundle of Holding are doing a new Ars bundle on Mythic Europe so things like City & Guild, Lords of men, The Church, Art & Academe.

They've also got the basic bundle back up again if you know anyone who wants core books.

Thanks :slight_smile: