Burning Dragon Print Subscribers

Hello Dragons -- I have created invoices for the subscribers who signed up for Print + PDF of Burning Dragon. You already got the PDF for $7.15, so this charge is $7.20 plus shipping for the addition of the print copy.

I am happy to report that shipping rates came in much lower than projected. Part of this is that I expect the package (the 32 pp advneture in a stiff cardboard photo mailer) to weigh 6 ounces total. Another is that until July 1st, there is still a 22 euro de minimis exemption for the EU; and under the USMCA this item is not subject to tax going to Canada. So at least this time, we have a wider range of shipping options where we should not face issues of taxes and fees at the border.

Rates are as follows (and this tells you the countries of all of our print subscribers at present):

Australia: $5.25
Ireland, Norway: $5.00
Canada, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France: $4.75
Sweden, UK: $4.25
Ukraine: $3.50
United States: $3.00

I think that what should happen is subscribers get an email saying "Pay this!" and you can authorize the charge to your subscription payment method. Or, you can opt out, and decide you're fine with just the PDF. If you do nothing, I think it means that your card will be charged on April 30th. This whole thing is a work in progress and our first time trying to use various tools, so please be patient as we work things out! And let us know if there are problems.

The books are printed and on their way to us from the printer. As soon as we get them, we will be sending them off to the subscribers who have been successfully charged.

If you are a PDF-only subscriber but you would like to upgrade to the print copy for the additional $7.20+shipping, please contact me directly at john@atlas-games.com and I will figure out how to do that. Otherwise, for the world at large, I expect that in May we will make the print version available for pre-order on our website; and we plan to see it in game stores all over in June.

Thanks everyone for supporting Feng Shui!


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