Caementarius Ex Jerbiton

I'm not certain if this character is 21 and one year past gauntlet or 22 and just gauntleted- this needs to be documented.

At the current stage he's freshly gauntleted. I am still working out the details and might age him, although I tend to keep him freshly gauntleted.

@silveroak how much in a hurry am I - or should I be - to have Caementarius ready and approved when the plot starts?

What reason would a freshly gauntleted builder and Terram magus have to travel to (and join?) Bentalone? Did they seek a mason for some building work? Do they have an interesting natural or artificial structure? Would my mentor have a reason to send me there?

I just quickly counted and came to 25 years old, freshly gauntleted: 45xp (5y) + 75xp (10y) + 240xp (25y)

You are correct- I didn't double check the default equation in my spreadsheet

in terms of speed, Provencal begins in 1198, the game is roughly on 1195, though some of the Thebes plots are ahead of that- 1200 is my next major checkpoint so I could start provencal, but I'd rather progress at least the Roman tribunal a bit before we get to that point (being next door there is potential for interaction)

The original backstory ends with a gauntlet in Southern France, building the main entrance portal of the new council hall of the covenant.

Does that fit (which covenant would it be?), should we relocate it (where?) or should I rewrite it entirely?

Timing wise, do I have like a day, a week or a month? Not going to pin you to the answer, just to have an idea...

It will depend on how long it takes to finish current stories, but certainly over a week.


It depends on what you are trying to do with the background of the character- were they trained at Bentalone? What is the situation with the entrance portal that it is significant? Why would your parens give completing an apparently mundane task as a gauntlet? There is not enough information here to understand why this is a question...

I don't plan anything in particular, maybe besides introducing the mentor.

That would put my parens at my covenant, I'd say that is a decision you should take.

The work on the council chamber building was what brought me to the attention of my mentor.

It was of course built using a mix of mundane craft and magic work. It was a masterpiece of craft and artwork both mundane and magical.

I guess the main question was, whether southern France was too close for a mentor? If it is not, the next question would be which covenant in southern France might be fitting for another Jerbiton Stonemason initiated into Hermetic Architecture?

The provencal tribunal is the whole of southern France, so obviously the events you describe would be within southern France (by modern borders, 12th century borders were a bit different, but not by much).
Given the number of PC magi in the covenant having a mentor still present would not really work- they could have moved elsewhere, entered final twilight, or whatever, or you could have come from somewhere else.
Of course if you came from a covenant where stone was not nearly as much of a construction material as it is at Bentalone that could explain your decision to relocate...

Ok, I'll just write something up having in mind what you said.
A mentor in final twilight would not serve well as hermetic arch mystagogue though and an origin in a tribunal without stone as a usual building material doesn't make too much sense either.

Originally, I had him born in Athens (though apprenticed in France), but that was necessary fluff to explain Giant Blood (as coming from Titans actually) - I currently think about relocating birth to either England or Northern France, apprenticeship to northern France and the gauntlet and mentor into another northern France covenant.
Does that sound ok?

The idea is generally for magi to have been trained in the tribunal they are being started in. I don't see why you would be born raised and apprenticed in one tribunal and then suddenly shift to another one. Of course you could have apprenticed in a covenant in southern France where there was sufficient stone works for your apprenticeship but where the covenant felt they didn't need another earth mage as part of the covenant... but it seems to me like you are going through a lot of convolutions over a relatively trivial detail...

You are right, we are just talking about a backstory. But I don't get the general guideline to stay at home either. Magi should be among the few who actually can get around quite a bit.

Anyway, what I would like for my background is a mentor with hermetic architecture. I think it makes sense that he has seen contemporary "modern" architecture like emerging Gothic, which would put him either in Stonehenge or France (either north or south). If I got you correct, Provencal tribunal would be preferable. It can be Bentalone if that makes the most sense, my parens is no stonemason.

Lets simply say a Provencal covenant that is not Bentalone. Yes magi can travel, that doesn't mean they simply do so for no reason. Traveling from Northern France to Bentalone is roughly the same in context as traveling from the US to Europe today- a lot of people can't make the trip, and a lot more could but don't- simply because they don't have a real reason to. Relocating to France simply because you can afford an airplane ticket really doesn't follow.

please let me know when this character is completed, I am hoping to begin provence before too long now...

Seen the timeline in the other Jerbiton's thread. I'll better hurry. Hope to request a review during the weekend.

Withdrawn. I'll delete Caementarius from the wiki.