currently we have 5 magi (including the redcap), 1 servant, 2 companions (from an economics standpoint, not roleplaying), 6 craftsmen, 4 grogs (soldiers, not character level). Several of the craftsmen overshoot costs (especially masons until we get buildings built), and our total savings from craftsmen and enchanted items is 13.776 lbs a year. total cost to run the covenant is 30 lbs a year (rounding up for the enumerus), and there is a need for 8 more servants.

In terms of character levels we have 4 magi, 3 finished and one nearly finished companions, one mythic companion, and 10 grogs.
One companion is owned by exasperated cultist, who has not been on the board for some time (his magus is incomplete)

Assuming the covenant is established at Skorba, the current configuration is what is established:
Aura+2 (2 minor), sub-aurax5(5 major), 3 unknown flaw (3 major), fallen temple (minor), poverty(major), loyal covenfolk (minor), tribunal border (major), indebted (minor), indegines (minor hook)

current established configuration for Tarxien:
aura +7 (7 minor)
hidden resources (minor boon)
tribunal border (major hook)
mundane politics (major hook)
seclusion (minor boon)
depending on how other aspects of covenant develop it may or may not have an unknown hook to complete the balance of boons and hooks.

current configuration of Hagar Qim:

strong aurax2 (minor boon), limited area aura:5 (major boon), favorable aura (minor boon), bedrock (minor boon), hidden resources(minor boon), tribunal border (major hook), seclusion (minor boon), mundane politics (major hook), Dark Secret (nature of deal with count) (minor hook), beholden to count (major), 5 unknown (major)

pre-existing stats:
constantly mobile (major hook), no aura (major hook), poverty*(major hook), loyal covenfolk (minor boon), local language:Romany (minor boon),

  • povery represents a lack of income, resources in reserve do exist as paid for with build points

constantly mobile, poverty, and no aura are expected to be eliminated through a short series of stories, well under what would normally be required for major hooks- roughly equivalent to the story requirements to balance 1 minor hook, which provides for loyal covenfolk, though this applies only to starting covenfolk, not those who join later...

the 4 pre-existing temples:
temple 1 is about 50' by 60', with 4 aspes, or semicircular components. Total square footage is 3000 sq ft, or size +8, though you could easily use a single aspe as a size +2 lab. It is the southernmost temple and contains what are clearly remnants of a crematorium, which gives any lab set up here a supernatural effect of +2 ignem and +1 warping, in addition to a greater feature of a statue and a great deal of wall decoration which may have some significance

Temple 2 is north of the first temple, and is 57 feet by 57 feet with six aspes, for a total area of about 3250 sq ft, which is still effectively +8 size, though individual aspes range fro +2 to size 0 if a single aspe is used for lab space, also contains wall decorations, which provide a +3 bonus to creo corpus lab totals.

Temple 3 is 35' by 35' or 1225 sq ft, or +4 size, with 4 aspes at size -1 each, and wall decorations which provide +3 bonuses to creo corpus lab totals.

Temple 4 is about 40ft by 50 ft, but is also barely recognizable as a structure anymore, and is at the far eastern edge of the aura, which means it would require more thorough excavation and could not be fully integrated into a basement structure. if fully excavated it would be size+6, but its best use may be as a source of pre-worked stone.

current configuration:
aura+7 (7 minor boons)
poverty (major hook)
town charter (minor boon)
loyal covenfolk (minor boon)
local language: Romony (minor boon)
hidden resources (minor boon)
tribunal border (major hook)
mundane politics (major hook)
seclusion (minor boon)
unknown hook (major hook)

Did you intend to count poverty twice?