Calebais as Secondary Covenant: Tribunal issues?


So, my band of miscreants managed to enter Calebais, excavated a bit, but then were distracted by other issues. As far as they know, they're the only folks who know how to enter Calebais. They want to set up the area as a secondary covenant in case their current covenant, based in an small castle above a mystical labyrinth, becomes a victim in the saga's brewing conflict between the Capetians and the Plantagenets.

The group, and frankly myself as well, are a bit unsure how to deal with this, as their covenant is located in the Normandy Tribunal, while Calebais is in the Provencal Tribunal. Do they need to note that they have found entrance? Petition for some sort of recognition? Or is it no harm no foul until they actually need to relocate there if the worst happens at home? Do they need to slap down a token resident magus to legitimize their claim?

As Provencal Tribunal law has not be fleshed out in canon, and I've not had occasion to do so myself, I'm wondering which way to turn on this issue.



They could make it a chapterhouse (Fengheld has got one in Normandy)

Ah, indeed. Thanks for pointing that out. I felt like this had been noted somewhere, but my memory was vague.

Hrm, wondering what sort of story potential such a thing might have. I wish there was some note of what differences in the Peripheral Code exist between the two Tribunals...


Well, "they" can't make it a functional chapter house - "some of them" could. Chapter houses are not like "summer houses" where the magi spend part of their time in one and part in the other - at least not officially (or safely). The Code does not allow a single mage to have a Sanctum in two distant areas at once (and some limit how often a mage can change sanctum), and so any mage could only claim one or the other as "theirs". Likewise, a mage cannot be a member of two Tribunals, so again, a declaration must be made.

(A mage could be a member of one Tribunal, but alternate their sanctum over seasons back and forth - however, their possessions/lab/rooms in their "abaondoned" sanctum are unprotected.) But some magi have to "live" there, in the Chapter House, to declare their residency in that Tribunal and in that location for it to be recognized as a Covenant by the Tribunal.

And once they declare it a Covenant they have to register with Redcaps and Quasitores to be recognized, and once they've done that anyone could find out where Calabais is... so if they try to get cute and only keep a minimum or occasional occupancy, they might be in for a rude return one time.