Calendar of Saint Holy Days

Does anyone have a calendar / list of holy days for specific Catholic saints? Especially non-anachronistic ones that would be appropriate in 1220? Obviously this would vary somewhat by region (e.g. English vs French Saints) but I think that can safely be ignored. I'd like to include some benefit for characters praying to Saints on days dedicated to them, but I find that actually collating this information is difficult in the extreme. But if someone has already done this work, I would love to borrow it for my Saga.

The old historical rpg Darklands by Microprose has saints in it, and lists their holy days. Generally, their research are pretty sound, and it is set in germany in the 1400s. I use it quite a bit for inspiration and getting the medieval feel.

There's no easy way of getting the saint feastday info out of the game, though, apart from playing and taking notes.

Some examples:

St. Agnes, january 21. (purity)
St. Barbara, dec. 4. (in later days became patron saint of gunners - interestingly, today this saint is deemed to be only a legend, and removed from feast day calendars. According to
St. Damian, sept. 27/sept. 26/nov. 1 (sources vary, barbers and physicians)

St. Lutgardis would be a contemporary in mythic europe 1220. So not appropriate.

But most of the saints in the game should be appropriate. (warning, flash)

Then you can look up the saints on other websites to find their feast days and more info.

You could also try this site for an overall listing:

The Magae Magnae Magicae swimsuit calendar in Hermes' Portal had the most important saint's days listed on it (researched by Neil Taylor and Sheila Thomas), and I'd imagine you can probably get a copy from the editor by subscribing to the magazine or buying the download as a back issue.

Here's a list of important Holidays from

Medieval Holidays

Circumcision of Christ

Twelfth Day


St Valentine's Day

Shrove Tuesday

Ash Wednesday

St. David's Day

St. Patrick's Day

Feast of St. Edward the Confessor

Feast of St. Benedict

The Annunciation

Palm Sunday

Good Friday

Easter Sunday


All Fool's Day, April Fool's Day

St. George's Day

May Day

Holy Rood Day

Rogation Sunday

Ascension Day or Holy Thursday

Whitsun or White Sunday, Pentecost

St. John the Baptist

Trinity Sunday

Corpus Christi

Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr

St. James the Apostle and St. Christopher

Feast of St. Peter in Chains

St. Dominic

Assumption of Our Lady

St. Augustine of Hipo

Nativity of Our Lady

Exaltation of the Cross

Michaelmas, or Feast of St. Michael the Archangel

St. Denys' Day

St. Crispin's Day

All Hallows' Eve

All Hallows' Day

All Souls' Day

St. Edmund the King and Martyr

St. Catherine's Day

St. Nicholas' Day

The Conception of Our Lady

St. Andrew's Day


Feast of the Holy Innocence

Feast of St. Thomas the Archbishop and Martry

Other Days

WOW, I had no idea there was so many saints! There were 10 or 15 for each day of the year!

A lot of this comes down to local varation and interest as well. While there may be a lot of saints on the official calendar for any given day, in a given region only one of these (or two in some cases) will actually be celebrated.

I have copied into an unformatted text document the content from each of these links. You can download it here:

Medieval Calendar Days

As I said, there is no formatting I've applied as of yet, but it's easy to paste into a Word doc and format to your hearts content. Be aware this material is under copyright, so it's only for personal use. I will take down the file if anyone complains.