Call for ArM5 Errata

Similarly, stories that span multiple seasons. Presumably one should give out story XPs each season, but is that actually RAW?

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Just a reminder that errata need a specific reference. Book and page would be ideal, but anything specific will do. I need to be able to find the problem quickly, and there are about 5,000 pages of ArM5…


On to the animal ones:

RoP:M p.141 and Book of Mundane Beasts: The boar’s Fatigue levels should be OK, 0/0, 0/0, -2/-2, -4, Unconscious.

LoM p.50: The Fatigue levels are not listed properly for the dogs. Everything is separated by commas, but there are multiple levels in different categories. Also, extra Fatigue levels have been added to the wrong categories.

Lymer: OK, 0/0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious

Alaunt: OK, 0/0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious

Greyhound: OK, 0/0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious

Running Dog: OK, 0/0, -1/-1, -3/-3, -5, Unconscious

RoP:M p.142, LoM p.59, and Book of Mundane Beasts: Falcon/Gyrfalcon has been Communication 0 with no reason for it. They should either have Communication -2 or be given the Vocal Quality to make Communication 0 correct. As all the others in LoM and TC&TC are derivatives of this, the one change (albeit in three places) fixes all the rest.

LotN p.22: Defensive Fighter was not included properly into the baboon. It should have Brawl 4 (dodging) rather than Brawl 3 (bite). It should also have these Fatigue levels: OK, 0/0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious.

LotN p.22: The Communication is incorrect. If they’re given Vocal or Mimicry, it would be 0 and there should be a note that it is +1 for the leader. If not, it should be -5 along with a note that the leader has -4.

BS&S p.46: The above two changes need to show up here, too, but exactly how is a little trickier because here the mundane animals are built off the magical beast.

BS&S p.46 and LotN p.22: Noting that mundane Callithrixes have the Palsied Hands Flaw, that implies most monkeys have better than that. However, Gift of Thumbs is listed as a Magical Quality, not a Mundane Quality, in BS&S, and it’s not listed at all in LotN. One fix could be changing it to a Mundane Quality in BS&S and including it in LotN; another would be dropping Palsied Hands from the mundane Callithrix, though this seems to run against what was intended.

Itzhak Even's comment about camels have too low Str is in BS&S p.136. Building the bactrian camels from here results in Str +1 rather than Str +3 as shown in TC&TC p.170, which is a problem. Also, the camel in MoH p.10-11 has Str +3. So presumably the camels here should also have Str +3.

Itzhak Even's comment about elephants having Improved Characteristics (only once rather than three times, though), is in LotN p.20. However, I believe that is correct, after accounting for Size. There are problems with the Characteristics, though. Cunning is debatable as 0 or +1 based on the ordering of Aggressive and Crafty; I would normally think this would end up at +1. The problem is really with Communication, which should be -5, only being -4 for the herd leader.

LotN p.20: The elephant has been given two non-magical magical powers without a Virtue even granting such a magical power, let alone a non-magical magical power. Should these just be new Qualities that are included under its Qualities? That would get rid of the nonsensical non-magical magical power part as well as solving the unlisted Virtues issue.

LotN p.19 and MoH p.10: In LotN the crocodile is also given a non-magical magical power without a Virtue for it, just like the elephant. Meanwhile, in MoH it's listed as a Quality (Roll Attack) but inexplicably described later as a power rather than a Quality. These should probably both be the same Roll Attack Quality with descriptions for Qualities rather than for Powers, as describing things as powers (especially without the non-magical note) causes all sorts of issues in disagreement with it being a mundane Quality.

MoH p.10: The asp's Quality Venomous is also in explicably described as a power rather than as a description of the Quality. This brings up the same issues as in the prior note.

Whether the decision on the three prior notes is that these should be Qualities or to keep them as (sometimes non-magical) magical powers, it would be worth noting that the dromedary camel (BS&S p.136 and MoH p.10-11) and the bat (MoH p.10) both have similar powers. These are not listed as non-magical magical powers, so the contradiction isn't there explicitly, and they're included among the Virtues. But they should all be handled the same way.


Oh, one more broad one for animals I left out above. Rival Magic introduces the Mundane Quality Fins on p.84. This Quality should really be given to all the various "fish" (fish, whales, seals, etc.):
F&F p.66
LoH p.105
LotN p.97
ML p.58
ML p.60 (if seals should have it)

And then more I just rediscovered. There are more non-magical magical Powers (as noted in the previous post) in LotN p.18 (same Overrun as elephant), LotN p.23, and LotN p.97.

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Yep. And the whole virtue from the base book p.41 probably needs to be rewritten to clarify the impact on requisites, something alone the lines of the virtue found in HMRE p.19, since the base book virtue really is the virtue from TMRE but integrated.

Some things that are not exactly errata, but which do need to be clarified:

A Magical Focus that is applicable to an enchanted device, does that apply when you are investing a power into the device even when the Focus does not apply to the power? If it does not apply, then why does the Confraternity of Roland (HoH:MC p121) intiate a focus in Swords?

Exactly what is needed for Sense Holiness and Unholiness to Penetrate a demon's Magic Resistance? The text implies it is easier than when used against and angel that is trying to stay hidden, but the language is unclear on exactly how.

How to handle the cases where the background of a character includes two different Magical Foci. For example a magus of House Tremere with Mythical Blood. There are several possible ways to handle this conflict, but no official way that I know of.

When Wizard's Communion is used, do all participants need to cast it as a regular spell or not?


A couple of things- 1) economics- this is spread over multiple books, but generally speaking most things cost more to make especially in terms of time, than they are worth. Which means an artisan spending making 2 seasons worth of good gets 2 seasons worth of income for goods that are worth less than what they make, even before taking into account the cost of raw materials. I understand that the medieval economy is messed up, but not that messed up.
Something missing is the bridge between artwork and industry- sure it takes a long time to make an artistic painting, but what about the craftsman copying the artwork? There is also a need for Aesthetic quality to mean more for artwork.
In a different line magic kin need to be better defined- it is currently unclear if they are supposed to have might or just a particular lineage of magical or mythical blood, or if they are something different (new mundane species with a realm connection?)
Vestiges (ROP;M) need a much clearer description, especially about how size and rating affect each other and whether they do- if I cannot over through a vestige because of its size can I use it for travel? Is there a minimum size to be able to enter a vestige for travel?
Also the degree of interconnectedness for boundaries needs better clarification. If a magical space is surrounded by a boundary which can only lead to one place then the degree of mobility through the magic realm is greatly constrained.

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Lords of Men, page 60 in the "Kennels, Mews, and Stables Table", Stables section. The line for Excellent (Great Noble) stables has the numbers for the columns offset one to the left.

Currently the Quality is "Excellent (Great Noble) 40", Capacity is "3 per Horse", Maintenance is "12", Staff is "+2", and Living Conditions is blank. It should be Quality is "Excellent (Great Noble)", Capacity is "40", Maintenance is "3 per Horse", Staff is "12", and Living Conditions is "+2"

Lords of Men, p. 127, Effects of Mounted Movement table. The line for Walk/Amble or Trot is shifted one space to the left.

Currently the Penalty to Missile Attacks is "-1 (Horse's Size + 2)* + stress die", Falling Damage is "6", Extended Action Ease Factor is "+1", and Defensive Bonus (Optional) is blank. It should be Penalty to Missile Attacks is "-1", Falling Damage is "(Horse's Size + 2)* + stress die", Extended Action Ease Factor is "6", and Defensive Bonus (Optional) is "+1".

Additionally, the line for Gallop is similarly problematic.

Currently, the line reads "Gallop -6, (Horse's Size + 6)* + stress die, 12, +6, blank". It should be "Gallop, -6, (Horse's Size + 6)* + stress die, 12, +6". Commas separate column contents.

ArM5 p.109, the Experimentation results chart -- which comes almost straight out of older editions.

Unclear: if the experimentation modifies the spell (via side effect or modified effect) is the resulting spell level affected? E.g. if the experimentation results in duration dropping from D:Moon to D:Sun, does the spell level drop by 5 (for purposes of penetration, teaching etc.)? Note that this was not an issue in the older editions of Ars Magica (up to the 3rd) where there were no level guidelines, so it was natural to assume that the spell level did not change and you just got a spell more or less efficient than the norm.

Possible error: Discovery yields 15xps in an Ability, but 3xp in an Art. That's probably an error of the conversion from older experience systems, where 1 "old" ability xp was worth 5 "new" ability xps, and it should be 15xp in Arts too.


In faith and flame it indicates that the covenant of Bentalone was taken by Simon de Montfort in 1207, but Simon de Montfort was one of the few crusaders in the 4th crusade who bypassed the attack on the Byzantines and went directly to Acre, and did not join the crusade against the Cathars until 1209. In 1207 he was still engaged in arguing the distribution of his father's estates following his death.

Finally found what I had a vague note on:

MoH p.84: Eyes from the Wizard Torn uses base 3. However, on page 49 there is a base-5 guideline for "remove human body parts from the target... These parts are normally functional..." which it seems is the actual guideline used. After all, the eyes are still functional, and the spell relays what those distant eyes see to the caster. This would make the spell Mu(In, Re)Co(Im) 25. This level would also need to be corrected on p.82 (Marcus +45 years).

Possible errata in Ancient Magic

  • Page 70. Insert. Line 3.

"Finding the locations of these relics and sites to help break the Limit of Vim"

I think "Limit of Vim" should be replaced with "Limit of Vis".

  • Page 70. Insert. Line 12.

“Existence of The Engima of the Sons of God: Order of Hermes”

I think “Engima” should be replaced with “Enigma

Page 70. Insert. Line sixteen.

“Location of the second volume of The Engima of the Sons of God”

I think “Engima” should be replaced with “Enigma

  • Page 110. Column Two. Line 22.

“(Base 4, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +2 levels for Penetration)”

I think it's missing +3 levels uses/day

  • Page 111. Column One. Line 25 and following

“Demeter’s Blessing

R: Sight, D: Sun, T: Bound

Aquam, Pen +0, 1 use/day

Causes nourishing rain to fall upon a designated area up to 6 miles across.

(Base 1, +1 Touch, +4 Year, +4 Bound, +1 Size [for a total of +4 Size])

Ease Factor: 12

Level Cost: 35

Principle: Rain”

I think it must be

“Demeter’s Blessing

R: Sight, D: Sun, T: Bound

Aquam, Pen +0, 1 use/day

Causes nourishing rain to fall upon a designated area up to 6 miles across.

(Base 1, +3 Sight, +2 Sun, +4 Bound, +1 Size [for a total of +4 Size])

Ease Factor: 12

Level Cost: 35

Principle: Rain”

  • Page 111. Column Three. Line 20 and following

“(Base 5, +1 Conc, +5 Vision, +2 extra detail)

Ease Factor: 15

Level Cost: 45

Principle: Auras”

I think it must be

“(Base 5, +1 Conc, +4 Vision, +2 extra detail)

Ease Factor: 14

Level Cost: 40

Principle: Auras”

  • Page 111. Column Three. Line 24 and following

“Virtue: Ceremony

Minor, Supernatural

This Virtue grants your character the Supernatural Ability Ceremony, with a score of 1. Ceremony allows your character to lead or participate with a group of people in a supernatural activity, thus allowing great effects.

This Virtue first appeared in Realms of Power: The Divine, page 34.

is duplicated on the next page, page 115, in an insert

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TC&TC p80:
"These flaws are designed by Ferie jinn characters."

Unless Atlas Games employs some very unusal game designers I strongly suspect that should say:
"These flaws are designed for Faerie jinn characters"


HoH:MC p.95 (Vim): This was written pre-errata to match the old MuVi rules. You can see this with the note about durations matching the old MuVi note about durations. This paragraph should be adjusted to align it with the post-errata MuVi rules, probably using essentially the same new language like it uses essentially the old language.

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Cov p.96: The Scribe's Touch should be ReAn, not PeAn. Certainly Perdo could be included if you want the bits to be disintegrated. However, just as the core book explains about Rego v. Perdo for sharpening a sword, sharpening a quill should likewise fall under Rego. Processing an animal produce is base 3, so the base should rise from 2 to 3 and the level should rise from 3 to 4.


ToME p.55: The Carnivorous House is missing +1 Touch in the calculation, so it should be ReHe 40.

I would just like to see Wizard's Boost cleaned up/clarified. There was a thread. It got bad really fast.
As written, it's non-functioning legacy.