Call to slumber in combat?

Hi all

How will you Handel Call to slumber in combat?

I think the spell is a little to powerfull if used in combat, and I would like to here your comments on this, and if there is any house rules.

Your mental state is put on "sleep" but for the duration. (Mom), so, if you are not tired, you wake up.
And, in combat: you're fighting, then "falling in sleep", then hurting (fall from standing... hurt!) then wake up.

If you are about to fall to sleep and you are attacked, do you still fall to sleep or is the adrenalin keeping you wake?

What if the duratation i Sun?

If the Duration is Sun then you stay asleep, regardless of what happens to you, until Sunrise or Sunset. That said, I think most people would allow a roll of some sort to break through the spell if you actually take damage. Just being manhandled, carried, tied up or casually mistreated wouldn't do it though, in my opinion at least.

The opponent falls asleep, you stab them in the neck. Simple as that :slight_smile:

Tired or not wont make a difference i would say, falling asleep doesnt require being tired(although resisting such or chances for waking up should get a bonus/penalty depending on sleepy or fresh).
And once asleep i think you should get whatever chance to wake up that anyone asleep would get from whatever happens. Also, dont forget that falling asleep, even if waking up instantly from noise or falling or whatever doesnt mean waking up and being instantly and fully awake and "clear in the head".
And in case anyone doesnt know it, its quite possible for people to fall asleep standing, fall and KEEP sleeping, even if its not exactly the most common thing.
However because "momentary" duration is used by some spells in ways that allow for example creating and making a single attack with the created weapon, everyone will have to decide upon if this duration is long enough for the average someone to "keel over" before the end of the duration, and thereby ending up on the ground asleep(considering other uses of "momentary" i would say it doubtlessly is)...

I would say that you certainly fall asleep, but that you will be more likely to wake up from any noise or attack and that once awake again will regain full conciousness faster/easier.

I think anything that would normally get someone to wake should give a chance for waking up, just that the chance would have a severe penalty and even if awakened, the effects of sleep would be very hard to get rid of fully and the person would have to fight against falling asleep again for the duration of the spell.

Note that i also consider it a must have to allow a chance to resist a spell(even if chances are poor).

I would consider the spell totally useless in combat. (And have done since 3rd edition)
It makes someone sleep so they fall asleep in a few seconds , the ongoing crisis of combat will wake them before they fall asleep , I see it as a spell used on people who are not involved in interactive stressful situations (arguements, fighting, debates) as they will overcome the initial sleepiness before they fall asleep .
If used on someone in combat I might give them a temporary penalty for distraction

It is a good spell in combat if you are careful in your use. It makes a person fall asleep but anything that could wake a sleeping person can wake them. I actually once made a rego specialist who abandoned that spell because the companions of the sleeper would give a swift kick or loud shout on their way to next attack ad person would wake up.

Falling over in armor is very likely to wake you up. It is best against horsemen since if feet are in stirrups with military style saddle, they might stay on horse back and not fall.

At most it is going to give one attack against the target person and in chaos of battle, I am not sure I would let it be automatic slit of the throat (just that defense is 0, the attack can stil botch). At worst, it forces person to waste time getting to their feet again.

It is a lot more effective out of combat, especially if you invent it at group or larger.

Momentary spells allows some time the target can lie to sleep.
I would allow a perception roll to wake up with an ease factor of 6 in every turn when there are unexpected noises. In sieges even the noise of cannon shots is standard. Another turn while the target gets ready for action: remembers orders, takes weapons, looks round.

You bump that duration to diameter and the department of combative magics regrets to inform the grogs under its effect that their lives were ended because their magus failed to share his parma.

Magic is rough. Combat can be deadly grim. The whole benefit of grogs is that you can maintain a sense of lethality in battle without losing magi all the time. And once you've seen it done to an NPC or a covenant member, is there any reason you don't cast a ReMe spell on your magus that prevents him from sleeping for Sun Duration?


Well yeah.. warping.. that's a half duration so it'll accrue if you do it as standard