Campaign progress


How's the campaign going? Looking good for getting the city back to some semblance of normality?

Some fans want to know.



Heh ... you can kind of tell how it's going by the fact that John hasn't posted here yet! We've been REALLY busy ... door-knocking, attending local events like National Night Out (we hit THREE parties that night!), putting together campaign literature, lawn signs, screening for endorsements, etc. Good thing we did most of our fundraising a month ago, because now there's not much time left for it! Seems like most of our free time is devoted to the campaign ... I spent a few hours after work last night calling around to find more lawn sign locations, then we went out and got the sign stands from our campaign manager, then came home and charted the new locations on our Maplewood map, and by that point it was almost midnight! I'm pretty sure I ate dinner somewhere in there, too ... at least, I think I did!

Anyway, lots of work, but we get the sense that the campaign is going really well from the positive reactions of almost everyone we speak with. Keep your fingers crossed for us! :slight_smile:

Will do.

Based on what I read, you folks need to get new leadership. Glad y'all stepped up!


I caught this in the paper this morning (Maplewood is the second town south of where I live).

So apparently so far so good

Yep ... the primary was a landslide. There are two seats up for grabs, and John and his "running mate" both got something like three times the votes of the opposition. Here's hoping for the same in the general election! :slight_smile:

Congratulations John! :smiley:

Huzzah Team Atlas! :smiley:

May you do well in the generals, John!