Can anyone remember the name of this virtue?

Back in the long ago days of Champions, there was a Virtue in one of the expansions where you basically paid the minor cost, and said "Surprise Me!" to the GM. You got a Major Virtue (whatever their terminology was) and some kick along on your plot, and your minor placeholder virtue was lost.

Now, I'm sure Ars has a virtue like that, but can't recall what its called, and can't see it on the list, and its nagging at me. I know there's one for covenants, but can anyone remind me of what the Ars one is called?

You don't mean the hidden magic talent /ability do you?

Close, I thought there was a more general one.

I might be mixing a house rule for a vanilla rule...

Thanks for trying, though.

It might be the Latent Magical ability? Core book ArM5 p.44 according to the V&F index.

We had a priest develop the hex ability after battling a demon once. It was fun since the SG that did that did not tell him about this, but kept him making rolls on a random way when he uttered menaces. He was quite bad mouthed as a character, so he was cursing people quite randomly until the characters (and players!) noticed what was happening.

He had been hoping for guardian angel or similar, but this was cooler. He even cursed a demon once.


Didn't 3rd Ed have Amnesia, where your background and some V&F were unknown and up to the SG? I might be transcribing gurps into Ars.

Nope, sounds like you're transscribing, sorry.

ROFL! great! i really would like to see this. Sound hilarious. A great +1 to your SG make me feel like wanting to generate a grog in this way.

Well done by that SG, and thanks for sharing. I've never particularly liked that virtue, because either it is defined straight away, or it tends to be forgotten. But a SG with good notes and lots of creativity, every other character should have that ability :smiley: Great stuff.