Can I buy Ars Magica products in the Japan?

Hi everyone,

sorry if this is a daft question. I want to purchase a copy of Covenants, amongst other things, but I do not have a credit card.

Is there a shop in Tokyo which stocks Ars Magica products (in English!)?
Is there a shop in Japan which stocks Ars Magica products (in English!)?

Airmail to Japan takes 3 days, and can be paid for with gold bullion, Surface-Air-Land takes 3 months and the parcel will be long forgotten when it finally, unexpectedly arrives, so I'd quite like a local shop if possible.


I lived out in Japan 10 years ago, and there was one store that I could buy all kinds of games from. It was called Yellow Submarine. It was in Tokyo, I'm trying to think of the district and I want to say Shinjuku. You might try getting some info on that store, assuming it's even still there.

Hopefully David Chart will read your message and help you out.
Assuming he is still in Japan anyway. :slight_smile:

Why not email Atlas or Warehouse 23
to find out if they have alternate payment arrangements.
Your bank should be able to do a direct deposit to the company account.

Warehouse 23 handles all our mail orders these days, so I'm afraid I don't know the details for their payment and shipping options.

I would second the suggestion of Yellow Submarine, however. They've been buying directly from us recently, so at worst they should be able to add whatever you want into their next order. They've also done some great things for us in terms of doing translations of some card game rulebooks and whatnot to make our games more accessible to their clientele.

Yellow Submarine in Shinjuku tends to have a full line. The Akihabara branch doesn't have so much.

I don't remember the exact directions to the shop now, but basically you start outside the south exit of Shinjuku station, facing Takashimaya Times Square, and turn right along the main road. Cross the first road (at the big junction), and then turn right down the second or third. Yellow Submarine is about three minutes' walk down there, on the right hand side of the road. You have to cross another road before you get to it, though. RPGs are upstairs.

Geez that walk brings back memories. When I was out there teaching English I'd often go on a weekend so I could check out that store, stop at a grocery store that was well stocked with American foods and such, and then stop at Wendy's there or the Shakey's pizza buffet. I ended up leaving a lot of stuff I bought out there in Japan, just didn't have the room to bring it back.

Thanks for all the information!

I had visited the Yellow Submarine in Chiba City (above Yodobashi Camera) for products recently, and found none.

One of my players checked out Akihabara Yellow Submarine last weekend, and said that the shop had no Ars products. There are around six yellow submarine shops in Akihabara, only one of which specialises in roleplaying, apparently.

I will run up to Shinjuku at the first opportunity, and order it through them.



Althought Covenants hasn't been released yet, the shop managed to produce an order list for it. They took my name and phone number, and promised to phone when it arrives... which they humbly suggested could take as long as two to six months, given a February 3rd shipping date. :open_mouth: :smiley: Still, I'm sure they are just being cautious. Well, I say sure...

Getting there

I forgot to take the instructions, and so put on my best big-happy-gaikokujin smile, and wandered into the local koban (Shinjuku station police box). They were terribly helpful, though once they realised that they were helping me get to a games shop, as opposed to a hobby shop, the police lost most of their enthusiasm.

They provided me with a map with A -> B marked, though I had to help them find where the address lay on the half-page of 'Yellow'-something shops in their shop directory. :open_mouth: :confused:

Oishii Goodness

I made this list of what the shop had on the shelves for some Ars players in Chiba, but they've already ordered...

4th Ed. AG#:273,272,271,270,269,266,265,263,262,261,257,255,254,252,0204, The Bishop's Staff, Return of the Stormrider.

5th Ed.
AG#:02077, 0276x2

Rune Core, plus 2 supplements
2 Feng shui supplements