Can Solomonic magic summon angels?

Couldn't find any specific mention of this. RoP:D only explicitely forbids Hermetic magic from summoning them, while saying that other kinds of magic may well be able to do so. Is Solomonic magic on the "approved list"?

Well Ars Nororia which is specifically a gift from God to King Solomon can, does that Qualify as Solomonic magic :laughing: .
In the magic system from Cradle and the Crescent the default summoning skill of Sahir I believe only targets jinn (serfs parma I could be wrong on that). Divine jinn would have a different collection of characteristics than angels (spelled out in C&C as opposed to the angelic ones spelled out in RoP: divine), once again I'm working from memory.

Of course solomonic magic isn't restricted to using spirits summoned via sahir. It has been shown explicitly to work with other summoning arts. So if a character who knows solomonic magic can summon an angel in some way (such as ars notoria) I see no reason why she couldn't use the angel to power her solomonoic magic.

I was under the impression that there were no Divine jinni? At least C&C, p.62 leads me to this conclusion.

But using Ars Notoria might be an option, thanks for the idea.

Or not...

If you're looking at the tC&tC anyway, the Zoroastorians/Mazdaim/Mobeds can explicitly summon angels.

Sort of. Sihr doesn't summon them, but if the sahir has some other way of summoning an angel (using Divine Methods and Powers, for example), the other Solomonic Arts work just fine through it. There's a sample sahir, one of the Followers of the Stone, who the Alchemy section mentions casts his naranjs through his Guardian Angel. My recollection is that he was envisioned as a Mobed priest.

RoP: Faerie has a version of Solomon's Summoning Art that calls beings based on their Realm affiliation, with Faerie as the most common. While no examples are given anywhere, I believe both that book and Cradle and the Crescent suggest that there could be other versions associated with the other Realms, and the latter specifically mentions legends of a divine version of (Realm) Summoning associated with Prester John.

IIRC the angel-summoning abilities of the Sahir were deliberately left vague, but there is a bit of a cheat left open...

Although Sihr can, quite specifically, only be used to affect Jinn, there is another avenue of approach: Just as a Hermetic Maga with Holy Magic can use her Art scores in place of Divine M&P when evoking supernatural effects, I'd rule that a sahir can do the same: using his Sihr Ability in place of Invocation/Adjuration when summoning angels - assuming, of course that he has access to said Abilities (Mobeds do)...

I've never actually tried this in play, but it seems reasonable to me.

Spirit summoning from Ars Goetia (RoP:Infernal p114) works for "Any incorporeal creature with might".

Apologies for threadomancy, but I've only just noticed this...

You are correct. There are no Diine jinn. In Mythic Islam, only angels are Divine and most spiritual entities aligned to the other Realms are considered Jinn.

Not all spiritual entities are "true jinn" (and possess the Free Virtue Jinni), as the term is used for anything non-Divine and magical in this cultural context - there is an explanation of mechanically what is and what isn't a jinn (ie. susceptible to Sihr) because this was necessary on a metagame level. I would have preferred to leave it more open but that was difficult.

There are jinn that follow Islam however - they are referred to as "Pious Jinn" to ease confusion and are aligned to the Faerie Realm. They ape the action of mortals and demonstrate appropriate behaviour / challenge morals. This is opposed to the Faerie jinn known as "Impious Jinn" who do the opposite.