Can someone stat me up a gorilla?

Precisely. In the same way that individual gorillas might have the Berserk virtue. It's just not part of the basic package.

I'm glad you pointed this out. This is my biggest personal issue with the believeability of my attempt to stat out the gorilla according to the rules. It's either teeth, claws or hoofs - take your pick :slight_smile: I've added grappling as a combat alternative, which i find highly appropriate, but as you correctly pointed out it does not reflect the beating of the gorilla. But thanks for commenting on this potential issue (rather than 'just' the characteristics of the beast) - I'm very open to suggestions!

I considered claws since the swing-the-arm-movement seemed similar to clawing, but it didn't feel right at all. I then looked at hooves as inspiration for being a weapon that would use force to repeatedly club something bloody but I left it there. In the end I went for teeth, owing to the impressive mandibles of the gorilla. The teeth of the gorilla is supposedly comparable to those of a wolf, and are thus good for both killing and eating.

Also, It fit the 'chosen myth' about gorillas eating their human counterparts. They might hunt and kill men for sport or simply for feeding; or they might do it to enact vengeance upon those who wronged it. Alternately they might be jealous of their human counterparts for their intelligence, their women and their control of fire - and thus they eat the brains of their victims to gain their knowledge.

Why not simply give it a fist attack like a human?

Or use the combat stats for a club and use it as a natural weapon.