Can the Parma cover an item that has Magic Resistance?

Most notably the Talisman of another Magi...

Wondering how useful putting penetration on a ReTe teleporting effect in my Talisman. Good vs PeVi, wards, Aegis, hostile Aura's but if a hostile magi can just take hold of it and protect it with his Parma then it starts to be necessary.


I am not sure exactly what situation you are worried about?

A mage who is touching their own talisman will have it covered by their Magic Resistance - a talisman is basically considered as a part of you as long as you touch it.

In general, your Magic Resistance extends an inch or so from your body, so it covers your clothes and similar.

If some other mage would touch your talisman then it could concievably be protected by the MR of both of you, but that should not make any difference at all in how you can use it.

The situation where a hostile Magi has my Talisman, in his hands, and I do not.

Talismans keep form bonus MR even when not in direct contact but I'm not aware of the mechanics for Parma to protect objects that has MR of their own.


It it is a small item it will be protected by his MR. A large item will only be partially covered by his MR.

Anyone (including yourself) trying to cast a spell or similar on that talisman will need to penetrate whatever MR protects it - which might be the MR of the hostile mage if his MR covers the whole item, and the item's innate MR (your Form bonus) in either case.

Not really any other different from other cases when someone has Magic Resistance from more than one source - like for example a mage carrying a relic. The highest MR applies, unless the rules explicitly say the sources stack.


I think you nailed it.

Thanks for the clarification.

If the hostile Magi has my Talisman, protected by his Parma, and the Talisman has an effect that triggers to affect him, does it bypass his MR?

If the hostile Magi has my Talisman, protected by his Parma, and the Talisman has an effect that triggers to affect teleport out of his Parma, ie back into my hands, does it need to penetrate his MR?


No, no more than a spell you may cast on him with Touch range would bypass MR just because you are touching him.
Same with something like an enchanted ring that someone wears (that isn't their talisman) - it would need to penetrate the wearer's MR to affect them.

Since the effect isn't affecting him, then no.

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