Can you cast with “Wizards sidestep” a spell with range eye?

Maybe it is somewhere in this forum but I couldn´t find it. I also tried to find an existing topic to place this question, and didn´t find one! So I will try it with anew topic. The definition of eye is that two establish eye contact. In my understanding this means each one looks in the eyes of the other. In case of wizards sidestep the potential target may look in the eyes of the image of the magus only. Additional the image of the Magus may look to a point left or right of the target. Does this still count as eye contact?
What is about an invisible magus? Here I would rule that no magic with range eye is possible. Whats your option?

Your image is off to your side, while your eyes are with you. They can't effectively make eye contact with you unless they have a means of perceiving the real you.

...or unless you have a way to force them to look where your eyes really are.

YSMV, but I wouldn't allow that. Eye contact is a two-way thing - I'm looking into your eyes and you're looking into mine. If you can't see my (actual) eyes, then eye contact is impossible.


It is interesting to me that Eye has persisted as a range, even though the original context no longer holds.

In AM2, most Mentem spells that affected someone else were Eye; since Hermetic Magic requires you to see the target, just seeing someone's body (Corporem at the time :slight_smile:) was not at all helpful for casting a Mentem spell. For that, you needed to look into someone's eyes to see the person inside (Mentem).

That distinction no longer holds.

Just an aside.



Could you elaborate on what you mean that "the context no longer holds"? I just did a quick search through the ArM5 core book for R: Eye spells and almost all of the Mentem spells are Eye, along with three Mentem-like ReAn spells. And that's it. Nothing else uses Eye. So it seems to still be used in the same way as in ArM2.

(Granted, ArM5 doesn't require Mentem spells to use Eye or non-Mentem spells to not use it, but the actual use, as documented in the core rules, remains the same as it's always been.)

That's what I mean. Existing spells continue to carry over, but the sense of being required is gone.