Can you learn Divine Abilities from outside your religion?

The concrete case is this: could a studious, curious pious muslim prince PC (with True Faith) learn Merkavah from the old jewish advisor of his father the Emir?

In theory, anyone who knows a Divine Supernatural ability can teach it to you if you have True Faith and their teaching total is high enough. But wouldn't it be seen as horribly impious by most characters with true faith to accept such tutelage from someone outside their religion?

This particular case is probably the closest one can get: Islam recognizes Judaism as a "precursor", so its teachings are probably as ... uhm ... kosher :slight_smile: as non-muslim teachings can get. But I was wondering what the consensus of you folks was.

I say he needs to convert first :smiley:

I don't think there should be any mechanical reason why the character can't learn Divine Supernatural Abilities from anyone willing to teach him.

The local Kabbalists and Zahids might not be too happy though....

As long as the faiths can somehow be argued as compatible, then probably yes is my opinion.
People´s faith need not be logical, and seldom are.

Mine is :smiley: