Can you summon a demon out of a ward?

If a demon is magically trapped within a circle or some other ward/warding/binding device, what happens if someone tries to summon it using its true name? Is it freed? Does nothing happen? Or is there some kind of interaction whereby the summoning spell has to have enough penetration overcome the strength of the ward?

I think personally I would say nothing happens, the demon is bound and so the summoning connection is broken at the point of the ward.

Alternatively, one idea is to use whatever warding/binding total was used to contain the demon as the new target level, and the ward can be treated basically as just a stronger demon.

Say Jeff the Goetic sorcerer binds a demon with 10 might and has a binding total of 23. Now when Tim the wizard tries summon said demon, he’ll need to roll vs 23 instead of vs 10.

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I prefer the second idea, where one could "bind" the demon anew but having to "bind" better than the previous ward.

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I would say you need to penetrate the ward plus the demon's might to summon it, but that doing so would break it out of the ward.