Canonical stats for books

Hi all.

Quick query, are there canonical stats (Quality and level) for any historical or in universe books such as the bible, Bonisagus' De Theorum Magica (is that a real thing in universe or did I dream it?), etc and if so, where?

Yes, mostly in A&A, but a bunch elsewhere. Take a look here:


What a great resource! Thank you Callen.

You're welcome. You really want to thank Lachie Hayes, as he's the one who compiled it.

Thanks, Lachie!!!

Well, that is really handy. Thanks for reposting it. It has started a discussion among my group about getting Fibonacci as a grog and whether he'd be the best or worst...

Dang, Pliny the Elder getting dunked on here. More like "I got pliny more books to read this season without having to resort to Q6 tractatus". :joy:


Thanks guys - it really was a labour of love LOL. I actually wrote quite a few posts about books over at my blog "My Life as a Grog" that you may find useful.

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