Carlo's return (spring 1221)

One fine spring morning the watch spots a man in a green cloak, Carlo, the [strike]Duke[/strike]Count's warden, approaching the walls and apparently looking for the entryway. Once he has introduced himself he states he would like to speak with whomever is in charge.

"That would be the Council," says the guard on duty. "I'll escort you to the main building where you can be officially announced and they can be made aware of your visit."

Paphos will take a few minutes out of his schedule to greet Carlos, ensure he has a place to wash up after travelling and offer refreshment. Paphos is dusty himself, wearing a dirty mason's apron and carrying his tools, but carries himself as one used to high society."

"Welcome to Domus Aureus, Carlos. I have summoned the council, but it will take a few minutes for all to gather. As you can see we are very busy building our new life, but never to busy to greet our friends. Here is a washroom should you need it, and a servant will bring food and drink, simple though it may be. Will you need anything else in the meantime?"

"It would seem you have managed to do quite a bit with the place in a year. I look forward to meeting with the council." He sits and eats the offered food thoughtfully as he waits.

Talus is working on formulating a particularly difficult proposition for the spell he's developing when word arrives that the Duke's Warden has come to speak to the Council. The magus makes a few last notes on the parchment in front of him, sands the ink, and then gets up, using a ceremonial dagger to hold the parchment flat on his desk. Following that, he walks quickly over to the main hospital building and into the Council chamber, that being the most likely place that the Council will meet.

After the arrival of Carlos is announced to Antonius, he will head out to the Council Chamber. He will then walk towards Carlo and extend his hands, as he says:

"Greetings Warden Carlo. It is a fortunate coincidence that you have come here, as the had a proposal that we would like to bring to the count, and another to concerned you specifically. But that can wait until the others are here, and we have discussed the matter that brought you here. So, what are the news in town ? Has winter brought good fortune to your liege?"

"It has indeed, With Fredrick II being crowned Holy Roman Emperor prospects are looking quite bright, though I'm not sure how he feels about that business in Capua. As a nobleman it should worry him, but as an officer of the crown it seems to benefit him. Of course Fredrick has promised to go on Crusades, so it looks like there is going to be a lot of activity here in the near future."

Talus arrives at the Council chamber and sees Antonius in conversation with a newcomer. He walks up to the Carlo and gives the envoy a shallow bow. "Welcome," he says. "My name is Talus. I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting you before."

Tartessos will arrive and take his place, allowing the warden to converse with Antonius uninterrupted.

When informed of the visitor, Tomas will join the others to hear what he has to say, and determine help determine what needs to be done.

David will come to listen, and help communication if possible.

"I'm not sure how many are on your council, should we begin or wait for the others? I realize this is last minute, but the nature of my task precluded sending advance word."

Ferderic will join the others. After a short greeting he will stay quiet and listen.

Antonius look around and the council chamber; most members are there, and other shall be there shortly. In any case, he hoped that decorum would be respected, as it would be preferable to make a good impression on the Count.

"Distinguished colleagues, for those of you not familiar with our guest, Carlo is the warden of Count Henri of Malta, and his representative. This extraordinarry session of the Council of Domus Aureus will discuss the proposal brought forward by his liege, and is now considered open."

His demonic eyes will turn towards the warden, and the declare solonemly:

"We are all listening you you Carlo."

Talus gives Carlo his full attention, interested to hear what the Count wishes to propose.

"As you may or may not have heard, Fredrick II has pledged, for a second time, to begin crusading in the near future. until recently his exploits have been largely within Europe to re-establish his claim to his rightful throne, and there are a few loose ends that he will need to take care of in Italy and Germany as well. He has given two tasks to Henry which we believe you and you new town may be of service towards. The first of these is the continued expulsion or conversion of Muslims from Malta. To this end we would like to take over the chartering of your city from Al Faquesh. As the higher ranking lord it is certainly within Henri's power to grant a charter within these same lands, and he is willing to expand the amount of land granted. He is also willing, one might even say eager, to contribute to your initial population of this city. Our reasons extend well beyond our orders from Fredrick, as Count Henri has long suspected Al Faquesh of not staying within his pledge not to enslave Christians or from trading in Christian slaves."

Antonius frown. They had a deal with the Al Faquesh, but if what Carlo said was true, it was only a matter of time before the holdings of the muslim noble would be confiscated and the town charter voided... Better negotiate from a position of strength now, than from a much weakened one later.

"That is sure an interesting offer. Do you have proof about what you are accusing the Al Faquesh of ? And how much land would we be talking about ?"

"Proof of what? [strike]Duke[/strike]Count Henry's suspicions? I am simply describing the situation, and what he offers. As to land, I understand that the Count has offered you a mile in diameter, Henry is wiling to offer you a league, so long as you can put that land to productive use within 5 years." He glances towards the window. "I suspect you will manage to make good on that challenge."

"What about the assistance in population?" Talus asks. "What sort of people does the Count intend to send here?"

Tomas leans over to whichever Magus is near him "Has he read our charter? is he going to insist that we perform forced conversions?"

Tartessos will murmer back to Tomas, "Either that or expulsion it sounds like. I'm not to keen about taking as lord someone so eager to destroy two thirds of his own tax base. It seems short sighted at best. Nor do we want more population here. A manor yes, a town, with people not under our control, no. Besides, it would bring dishonor to our families and houses to throw over a patron without cause."