Cascading Environmental Triggers

Another thought I just had, to potentially help cost saving in big devices.

Lets say you're making a device with linked triggers, the ever popular InMe mind reader, which responds to the masters thoughts. Now.. the InMe spell is constant, so it has a sun duration, and an environmental trigger of sunrise, sundown...

Now, if you have the other effects linked to the mind reader via linked triggers.. is there anything stopping you using the environmental trigger of the InMe more creatively?

Why have the environmental trigger just trigger the effect of the InMe?.. why not have -that- environmental triggering of the InMe cascade down into the relevant linked triggers, thus keeping certain effects active at sunup/down as well?

Ie, one of the lower down effects is also a constant effect, but is linked to the InMe should the maga wish to take direct concentration control of it. Why not save 3 levels and have the InMe trigger that effect at sunup/down too? :slight_smile:

What are peoples opinions?

Because the effect target would have to be in range at that time. Because it would require that the second effect be designed to have a trigger anyway. Because constant mystical effects end up warping you more than punctual ones...

I'm not quite sure I understand your reasoning. What is, exactly, the trigger for the second effect. What calculation leads to a 3-level saving?

No, you seem to be misunderstanding a bit..

Firstly.. both effects are constant, as in, Sun duration, 2 Users per day, Environmental trigger

The first, the InMe will pretty much always be in effect, as it has an arcane connection range.

The second, has a linked trigger to the first, should the magi wish to take concentration control of it from a distance (effectively controlling it with his mind at arcane connection range)

Thing is, if the 2nd is linked to the 1st anyway, why not have the environmental triggering of the 1st effect, send a prod to the 2nd via the linked trigger.. and activate that as well?

That way, you don't need to add an environmental trigger (which costs +3 effect levels) to the 2nd effect.

.. .. and sorry by the way, I'm not great at explaining things.. I think I have the incomprehensible flaw just like my magi ^^