Case 9: A Stranger at Tribunal

OK, just before this case I hope people are not heartily sick of the project and space it is taking up on the forum. I know it is hard to catch up with each case, but given the whole 30 days 30 items format we used last Year (even if I only statted 23 Saints in the end) I can't really avoid that :frowning: If it is a problem yell and I'll think of a way of reformatting things. I've also drawn heavily on the Stonehenge Tribunal so far, but most of the cases could work anywhere. Tomorrow we shall move to Provence! Today we are in Normandy though...

Case 9: The Return of the Primus

It had been an exhausting couple of days at Tribunal. Firstly, everyone had gathered and exchanged stories and news, and vis trading and betting on the Tournament had kept the first day filled with frenetic activity. Then yesterday there was the Hermetic Tournament - well we all know how that went, and the visiting Iberian team who carried off first prize certainly earned our respect for their innovative (some would say insane) tactics. Today has been an anti-climax - more of the usual disputes over how far grogs had run in a day, and whether vis supplies were actually within the required range of various covenants. The usual rows about feudal relationships between covenants, and the usual gossip about the ridiculous situation at Fudarus, where the two claimants to the title of Tytalan Primus continue to fight it out, supported by their purple and green factions. Now the cognac has been served, the finest foods delivered, and the magi are about to discuss some other trivial matter that the Queasitors could have ironed out a long time ago -- a charge that by raiding a faerie forest a certain Breton minor covenant caused problems for their sodales on the Contentin peninsula.

Then strode in a magus no one recognised, arriving just after sunset, and walking in from the west so the crimson light of the dying sun shielded his approach from curious gaze, until he was within the circle of chairs, benches and ornate thrones. The strangely robed mad, in fashions clearly from some foreign land jumped cross legged on to a tree stump, and stroking his long black beard scrutinised carefully the assembled magi. TA his side clanked a sickle, beautifully engraved with a strange script, and covered in the finest beaten silver.

At last, after continuing directing servants for a few minutes, the Presiding Quaesitor deigned to pretend to notice the newcomer's arrival.

"Some of us are clearly late arriving. Perhaps you are a foreigner, come to witness our proceedings?"

"No" replied the strange magus, "I am a native of this Tribunal."

"Very well" the Queasitor responded "would you mind telling us your name then?"

"Llewelyn of Branugurix" responded the magus. "Has the voting started yet?"

And he smiled, and raised a silver tumbler of honeyed mead to his lips, as if enjoying some very private joke. "I assume as a member of the Order I may speak and vote?"

Well does he? How do you all react?

cj x

Native, but nobody recognizes him?

Can we get someone to check the records, find out when and where he took his Hermetic Oath?


The Chief Quaesitor states, in a very sharp manner, that this Tribunal has no records of Llewelyn, his covenant, or his House...

cj x

He never said Branugurix was his House, did he? Just that he was "of Branugurix". Which as is, if I recall a Gaelic word...

I have the funnist urge to turn and ask the stranger, rather quietly so no-one else hears, this question:
"So, how is House Diedne these days? It's been so long since we heard from you."


Welcome Llewelyn.

May I ask our august sodalis where does he has his registered Sanctum? He needs to have a registered tribunal in Normandy to vote with us. If not but still a member of the order of Hermes he is perfectly invited to observe our proceedings as an invited guesst. if our august Praeco deems that appropriate, that is.

Regarding your question, yes, voting has already started, so unfortunately (in case you could vote) you already missed a few issues, but hopefully none that interest you.

Iasper of Expectatio speaks up, his tone both pedantic and argumentative: "Unsurprising that we have no record, since Branugorix was never part of the Normandy Tribunal. Until Primus Klynoites of Tytalus attended the Normandy Tribunal in 1018, Brittany was part of Stonehenge. I contend, sir, that you have got yourself lost. Hie north, and bother us not."

To his master Adanos, Iasper is heard to say "Let Blackthorn deal with him..."


Now, hang on. If Llewelyn is a member of the Order, he gave his Oath at some point. Llewelyn, care to share with us when and where that happened, and under what name?

(OOC: Return of the Primus? In Normandy? Ouch. I'm going to metagame to the conclusion that maybe someone just got back from an extended stay in a place where aging doesn't necessarily apply.)


OOC: With the added fact that he would be Praeco by a large margin if he is the same. A marched praeco, but praeco none the less

Brilliant! :slight_smile: (And note I wrote "The Shaping of the Normandy Tribunal" of LatL - so his appearance here is intentional. Draw from that what you will, but it may contain a clue!).

cj x

Llewelyn stands and bows. He speaks with eloquent precision, and rather odd formality "I was Gauntleted in the year 920, at Branugorix. I am by title, and appointment of the deities, Primus of House Diedne. I am, I understand, in the correct Tribunal now, if not the correct Tribunal for when I last attended. My apologies if I am in the wrong place -- I will depart to Blackthorn and the Stonehenge Tribunal, if that is my proper place? Would my dear friends the Queasitors be so kind as to direct me as to whether I should cast my sigil here or elsewhere?"

cj x

"All is well dear boy, all is well -- and may I enquire how you are, my good magus?"

cj x

Wait we're really doing this?


"I'm quite fine thank you. May I inquire as to where you have been the last centuary or so? And perhapse what you recall from you're last visit. It's been so log, I wonder at what news you bring?"

The Primus of Diedne smiles amiably-- " a century?" He looks concerned, then laughs. " I fear I may have been in Faerie some time, and am a little disorientated. It is 1012 as far as I recall?" He pauses for a moment, then offers you some of his fine honeyed mead. "So what news of the Order?"

cj x

laughs heartily
"My apologises, it seems there has been an impersonation in your absence. In light of your comment it has been longer than that. The year is 1220. I am afraid a great deal has occured in that time. I know this must seem disrespectful, but I think it is best that confirm your identity before we go on.

After all, it won't do if you are who you say you are, and this first piece of news is that you died quite some time ago! I'd like to get my facts straight. Still, there is no need to be inhospitable. Please take a seat, I'm sure we can sort this out shortly. Unlesss the Quaesitor believes I cannot have you as a guest, regardless of other factors?

Oh and Llewelyn"? Unless I miss my mark, and it is one of the reasons we need to sort this out, technically you are the highest ranking personage here. An honoured guest, of a sorts."

I would assume that he would not be so stupid as to be in body and soul in the same room as the descendants of magi that marched his entire house, so attacking him would be worthless. One can always try to scry on him since he is not protected by the code, though. Let me think about what to cast on him.

From a legal point of view, marched magi do not lose that status ever, so he is a formal enemy of the order that needs to die, so any magus kitting him in the head is on the clear legally.


OK Xavi, when you have decided what to cast let me know! :slight_smile:

As of third edtion, (so I can't say how canon it is) the Schism War ended in 1012, with Diende marched out of existance. If this is the real Llwelyn then this could be an attempt to gain either intel on his enemies, restate the Diende case or an attempt to rejoin the order. In also rasies issues of validity about the Schism War, since it implies that outside the Houses Tremere, Flambeu and Gurnicas the order did not act against them. After all, why show up at a Tribunal and let your enemies know you are alive?

Assuming we can get some form of aknowledgement that we need to chack his idenity, we start with InVI spells, followed by a 'truth' spell of some kind (MuMe?)

He is happy to suppress his Parma Magica to have his identity tested. InVi spells reveal he is under a MuIm effect; the suggested InMe Truth spell could be that old favourite Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie - I'll answer any six questions asked and tell you if they register as a lie. The obvious one "Are you Llewelyn Primus of House Diedne?" He answers "Yes" to, and the spell suggests he is telling the truth.

cj x

Unravel the form of Imaginem on him.
Castring spells on a magus is not a hermetic crime per se, even if a case of scrying could be wrought forward for casting some spells like this one.

The hoplites of castra solis and the tremere representatives flex their muscles, whiole the bjornaers and merinitas doubt between conciliation, defence and stepping out of the mess.