Cast the Ars Magica Movie: Founding of the Order

"In a World Lit Only By Fire..."
(que moody orchestral music)
"Where powerful magic is fought over by rival spellcasters..."
(Music reaches crescendo, equal parts conflict and tragedy)
"One wizard has a solution to the bloodshed that plagues the wizards of Europe"
(Music fades out from the horror, and fades in on wonder - light woodwinds and percussion)
"But only one sorceress has the vision and will to take this new magic, and with it..."
(Triumphant march...)
"Forge an Order out of the chaos of the 8th Century."
(Kettle drums)
"The place is the Europe of Myth and Legend."
"The task is to assemble the 13 most important wizards of the land."
"Together, they can change the course of human history."
"But if they fail to overcome their rivalries and petty scheming"
"The wizards of the land, and indeed Europe itself, may fall."
(Hunting horn)

SO... that said, as I struggled to make sense of the Pillars of the Earth, I thought "Hm. I could use some of these actors for an Ars Magica movie."

SO, the movie is "Order of Hermes: Founding of the Order"

You need to cast:

Bonisagus, Hermetic Genius

Trianoma, Political Visionary

Guernicus, Dutiful Skeptic

Diedne, Mysterious Outsider

Tytalus, Tragic Leper and Potent Wizard

Tremere, Young Schemer

Jerbiton, Cultured Aesthete

Birna, Strange Shapechanger

Criamon, Enigmatic Mystic

Flambeau, Headstrong Warrior

Mercere, Hero of the Roads

Merinita, White-hair Recluse

Verditius, Forger of Miracles

Please note, the "two word" descriptions of each character are totally up to you. You might want to spin the film as a story about Guernicus being the central figure in the Founding, perhaps, or follow Merinita's story - if so, change those descriptions to match your idea for such a film.

MOST importantly, provide actors to fill the roles you envision - be those roles as described above, or an alternate take that places someone else as the main character (perhaps you want to focus on Diedne is Evil, and Tytalus and Tremere the heroes of the piece)

I'll post mine a little later!


Also, feel free to rewrite the movie trailer opening monologue to better fit your vision of an Order of Hermes movie, or the part of the Order's early days you want to focus on.


Brilliant :smiley:

It is a dark and fragmented world

It is a time of war and bloodshed

Only two men stand between the the hordes of evil Djinn and the light of Christ

Only 2 men and their magic.
(image of 2 men surrounded in a circle of flames, tired but menacing and with fire in their hands)

2 men and their FIRE!!!
(One of the men shots flames at the spectator flash of light turns the screen white)

In the Age of Charlemagne and Order is forged through sword and flame to recover the spendour of old.
(Flames engulf the screen)


Flambeau: the true story

Bonisagus, Hermetic Genius. (Danny DeVito)
Trianoma, Political Visionary. (Michelle Pheiffer)

Guernicus, Dutiful Skeptic (Robert De Niro)

Diedne, Mysterious Outsider (Miranda Otto)

Jerbiton, Cultured Aesthete (Colin Farrell)

Birna, Strange Shapechanger (Helena Bonham Carter)

Bjornaer, shapeshanging girl with no fire in her veins (Eva Amurri)

Guorna The Fetid. (with enough makeup, any actor can do that role)

Tytalus, Tragic Leper and Potent Wizard (Jack Nicholson), bu since he is oldish, Sean Ben)

Tremere, Young Schemer (Leonardo Di Caprio)

Criamon, Enigmatic Mystic (he is an easterner IIRC, so I would go for Nour El Sherif)

Reculed (?), Flambeau's parens (Mandy Patinkin; he HAD to be in such an epic film)

Flambeau, Visionary Saviour of Humankind and hero extraordinaire (Mark Faulkner.... or Sean Ben)

Mercere, Hero of the Roads (Russell Crowe)

Merinita, White-hair Recluse (Gwineth Palthrow)

Verditius, Forger of Miracles (Brad Pitt)

Sahir controlling the Evil Djinn from the final scene (Sean Connery)

The magician that played with illusions (Pendulus?) (the join or die guy) (Val Kilmer)

Bonisagus, Theoretical Revolutionary: Malcolm MacDowell
Trianoma, "Why Can't We All Just Get Along": Jewel Staite
Mercere, Everybody's Hero: Nathan Fillion
Guernicus, B.A.M.F.: Christopher Walken
Tremere, Ambitious Upstart: Cillian Murphy
Tytalus, Mr. Outside Voice: Bruce Campbell
Pralix, "Screw You Guys, I'm Taking My Toys And Going Home": Eliza Dushku
Jerbiton, Unrepentant Muggle-Lover: Alan Tudyk
Flambeau, "Sure Would Be Nice If We Had Some GRENADES": Adam Baldwin
Criamon, Resident Loony: Steve Buscemi
Birna, "No Really, I Just Haven't Shaved Today": Lucy Lawless
Verditius, "He's Got An Enormous... Talent!": Ewan MacGregor
Merinita, Naturey Broad: Clemence Poesy
Diedne, Naturey Broad: Sarah Michelle Gellar

OK, here are mine. I found Mercere and Merinita to be the hardest.

Bonisagus, Hermetic Genius: George Clooney

Trianoma, Political Visionary: Cate Blanchett

Guernicus, Dutiful Skeptic: Willem DaFoe

Diedne, Mysterious Outsider: Robin Wright

Tytalus, Tragic Leper and Potent Wizard: Hugo Weaving

Tremere, Young Schemer: Barry Pepper

Jerbiton, Cultured Aesthete: Ben Affleck

Birna, Strange Shapechanger: Famke Janssen

Criamon, Enigmatic Mystic: Mark Strong

Flambeau, Most Badass Warrior-Wizard in Europe: Brian Blessed

Mercere, Master of Transformations: Kiefer Sutherland

Merinita, White-hair Recluse: Thora Birch

Verditius, Forger of Miracles: Al Pacino

I am the happiest with my choices for Guernicus, Birna, (the 5E, non-Marko compliant) Flambeau. :slight_smile:

Bonisagus, Hermetic Genius
--> Edward James Olomos

Trianoma, Political Visionary
--> Cate Blanchett

Guernicus, Dutiful Skeptic
--> Peter Cushing

Diedne, Mysterious Outsider
--> Tilda Swinton

Tytalus, Tragic Leper and Potent Wizard
--> Ben Cross

Tremere, Young Schemer
--> Craig Parker

Jerbiton, Cultured Aesthete
--> Chris O'Donnell

Birna, Strange Shapechanger
--> Judy Dench

Criamon, Enigmatic Mystic
--> Hugh Laurie

Flambeau, Headstrong Warrior
--> Jurgen Prochnow

Mercere, Hero of the Roads
--> Patrick Bergen

Merinita, White-hair Recluse
--> Uma Thurman

Verditius, Forger of Miracles
--> Kevin McKidd

I will give this more thought,but a couple jumped out at me.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Tremere

Ben Kingsley as Guernicus

Edit. And some more

Brad Pitt as Mercere

Viggo Mortensen as Flambeau

The problem with Mortensen is that he does not shout, he whispers. I doubt that flambeau had such "horse whispering" voice.


Hmmm, I was thinking more of a slapstick comedy.

(You have to imagine the trailer scenes between the narration yourself.)
[i]For these thirteen men and women ...
The Dark Ages weren't just dark ...
They were Boring!

Can this ragtag band of misfits
Turn magic into a lifestyle?
More action is in Order
More suspense is in Order
More romance is in Order
Where the five Techniques are

  • I create
  • I understand
  • I change
  • I control
  • I party!

Grand Tribunalation
(Creation of the Odor of Hermes)


Bonisagus, Hermetic Genius - Leslie Nielsen

Trianoma, Political Visionary - Tina Fey

Guernicus, Dutiful Skeptic - Michael Cera

Diedne, Mysterious Outsider - Eddie Izzard

Tytalus, Tragic Leper and Potent Wizard - Steve Buscemi

Tremere, Young Schemer - Seth Rogen

Jerbiton, Cultured Aesthete - Steve Carell

Birna, Strange Shapechanger - Bernadette Peters

Criamon, Enigmatic Mystic - Stephen Colbert

Flambeau, Headstrong Warrior - Jack Black

Mercere, Hero of the Roads - Will Ferrell

Merinita, White-hair Recluse - Cher

Verditius, Forger of Miracles - Patrick Stewart

:laughing: gerg!

Flambeau: Clint Eastwood or Danny Trejo

I'm going for the purpose driven warrior. No need to shout when you are the alpha.

I'd go with Bill Nighy for Tytalus, or possibly Guernicus.

Oh, DT for sure! Good call!

how can anyone but Wallace Shawn play Verditius.