Casting requisites for enchanted devices

A quick question. When dealing with a spell, Casting Requisites (e.g. Animal when you take a ReCo Seven League Stride, and you want to take your calf leather boots with you) only affect the Casting Total, not the Laboratory Total for inventing the spell. What about enchanted devices? I would be tempted to say that in the case of an enchanted device, any "Casting Requisites" must be accounted for in the Laboratory Total - so your calf leather Seven League Boots would probably carry a ReCo(An) effect.

I am surprised this has never come up in our games before (or at least, that it has come up sufficiently long ago that I do not remember); I am also surprised that even a low-effort search (Noble's Parma!) has turned up nothing. Any help?

That's exactly how all my troupes have played it.

Truly a low-effort search.

ArM5, page 99, first [strike]bubble[/strike] bullet (I forgot what those were called ok :blush: ) on the far right column: "If the effect you are investing mimics a spell with casting requisites, those requisites apply to your Lab Total."

How did I miss that? :smiley: Thanks!

You're welcome. :mrgreen: I'm glad to help.

Probably needs Animal, Aquam, Herbam, Terram and Vim. Vim is necessary to transport that Vis on your person.

I feel requisites kinda odd sometimes.
If I want to move a sword I need rego terram. Not teleport.
I put a leather strap on the sword now need a animal req?
I put a cotton strap on the sword now need a herban req too?
It feels wrong that you need same amount of magic from all kind even if the target is 99% one type and 1% other.

And you could abuse it too.
Rego copus 5 paces no req teleport. I cast it on my opponent, now he is totally naked, no weapons, no vis, no armor, no cloths, no magic items.
Feels wrong again and yet in your interpretation is logical.
My opinion is that what is close to your body or small percent of the target should not need requisite. Ofc you cant teleport your backpack or horse even its near to you.

A quick observation regarding "teleportation". My example was indeed phrased with the idea that Seven Leagues Stride is "teleportation", and can take you to any place without having you cross the intervening distance.

However, nothing says that this is necessarily the case: the effects that move something "instantly" from point A to point B could be read as moving you with "infinite speed" between the two points. If the latter interpretation is taken, then no casting requisites are needed, just like they are not needed to lift a person wearing metal armor through ReCo: you lift the person, and the armor is just dragged along. Of course, if the latter interpretation is taken, it also means that you can only move from A to B if there is an unobstructed path between the two points - i.e. you can't "teleport" into a sealed room (or regio!). I'm not sure which of the two interpretations I like best, though the more I think about it, the more the latter feels aesthetically appealing.

Aren't there examples in fairy tails of people appearing and disappearing out of/into thin air?

The language of the spell, and the finesse roll needed for SLS suggests strongly that you appear out of thin air, or "in a wall" if your finesse roll is botches.

I feel the fairy tale abilities are covered just fine by Faerie Wizardry, which does just that; I'll let Hermetic magic keep its more scientific arts-y aspect in this case. And while this is obviously up for troupe interpretation, I'd think that if you need to precisely control a direction to move down to the degree before using your infini-speed dash, where the tiniest errors in timing or aiming could cause complications at that speed, I'd totally require a Finesse roll. Then all you require is a bit of sideways not-physics, like such incomprehensible speed allowing you to phase through things, thus allowing you to accidentally get lodged in walls and floors, though you'd still only be able to teleport to the spell's Range because of the laws of magic.

The idea was that it wasn't inconsistent with Mythic Europe to have a teleportation effect, not that it was a faerie power. So your description applies for SLS, which has a finesse ability, but Leap of Homecoming doesn't require a finesse roll, what then?

I'd figure, given what Arcane Connections do and what the Arcane Connection Range in specific does, that whatever Connection is allowing you to cast the spell to get to the location is also doing all that difficult precise aiming stuff for you. You don't have to know or figure out what the right way is or how far to travel, as the AC contains that information.

And you brought up the point that "there are plenty of stories where that happens," so my brain immediately went to "oh hey, Faeries copy stories like that, and it looks like they do it a lot more prove-ably than Hermetics." I was just arguing for the point that Hermetic magic's teleportation could be justified as not-really-teleportation, instead being very fast movement (which would thus bring along things that naturally cling to the body, like clothes and stuff, and avoid the issue of being able to hit somebody with a five-foot teleport effect leaving them naked and magic item-less). Not that it's necessarily how it does or doesn't work, but I think it's a valid way to look at it.

I'd accept the whole AC does the aiming thing, if it did it for Seven League Stride. You need an AC for Seven League Stride just as much as you need one for Leap of Homecoming, if your intention is to travel to a place you can't see when you cast the spell..

Oh. :blush: Serf's Parma, I totally forgot you could use an AC with SLS... I thought it only worked within the area you can see. Crap, you win this time.