Casting spells from a text?

Hi All great Mages

I hope that some of you can help me with this little question. :laughing:

Is it possible to cast a spell from a text :question:

I have read the core book and some of the supplements, but I can’t find anything about that. :cry:

If you can’t cast a spell from a text, what would a house rule look like :question:

Maybe something like ritual casting :bulb:

uh... i don't think so.
There is something called "tablets" in... covenants maybe, but i'm not familiar with it.

Covenants, yes. Pages 89-90. "Casting Tablets".

So, in 5th, only from specific texts made for the purpose. No casting from lab notes or grimoires.

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Yes you can. They are called Casting Tablets now, and are basically formulaics that you can cast directly from the tablet. The tablet can be a scroll or anything you fancy.

If they are not in the core book, I can't recall where they are. Covenants or HoH:TL might be the places to look at.



This is interesting, is there a specific advantage to casting from texts? Like multiple copies of a ritual with some form of wizard's communion?

Mainly, that someone else can invent it and you can cast it.

It is (usually) easier to cast than invent a spell.

One copy of mythic magnitude casting tablet made by an ancient specialist, and a horde of covenantmates with wizard's communion lets you cast almost anything. Rituals you have no chance learning on your best day. With a good chance of botching extremely spectacularly and ruining everyone's day, of course.

Why learn Aegis of the Hearth if you have a Casting Tablet to work from?

iirc they cost 2x the price of a normal "lab text" to buy when building a Covenant with points, but they don't count as a lab text if trying to invent the spell - (can someone confirm that?)

Casting tablets only allow you to cast the stuff, not learn it. They are not an explanation on how things should work but a description of exact words, gestures, polka dances and euye winks to allow you to cast the spell. no more, no less.

And if you botch, all hell gets lose in your location :laughing:



Because if you don't Master the ritual and cast it safely, very soon you'll end up botching VERY badly.

Ah, but who bothers! Having to rebuild the whole covenant every 10-15 years on average can be FUN! LMAO :laughing: