Casting tablets and ritual spells

I find the rules on using casting tablets with ritual spells confusing:

1.) Is Artes Liberales+Philosophy added?
2.)How many fatigue levels does a character get: As written in ritual spells or as written under rituals or both?

My personal opinion:

  1. No, according to covenants p. 90 (formula)
  2. It can be the covenant chart by itself, because if I remain at -6 (Casting total- spell level) then the rules for casting tablets are less fatiguing than for ritual spells!!!!!!! The rules seem to imply that is correct (so are all rituals cast from tablets to save fatigue levels?). Is it both? Or the one that is worse?)

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  1. Yes, add it in. Cerimonial Casting is required for all rituals.

  2. Apply the Fatigue Loss for casting a ritual first. Additional Fatigue loss comes as a result from a low casting total as per the Tablet rules.

Casting from Tablets can be rough! Use the lower level spell (Gentle Caress of Aesclepius). It will be easier, uses less vis, and will not cause Warping (as compared to Incantation of the Body made Whole; harder to cast, costs more vis, and does cause warping because it is in the 7th + magnitude category).

I posted a step by step guide to tablets some time ago:

And a detailed example:

  1. See step 3: the author of the tablet decides if he wants to include the ceremonial casting bonus. This is natural for a ritual spell, but not obligatory.

  2. I would use only the Fatigue from the tablet, but as long term Fatigue for Ritual spells. Tablets have a fixed penetration, which is included in the Fatigue determination (see step 8 ). Yes, this may result in lower Fatigue if the penetration of the tablet is 15 or less, but you can get Warping.