Casting Tablets and Verditus mages

All Verditus magi have a necessary condition in terms of their Casting Tools. (at least those that can cast Formulaic Magic)

What happens if a non-Verditus created a Casting Tablet for a spell that didn't need a Casting tool? Could a Verditus mage cast the spell from the Tablet, sans casting tools?
What about a Verditus who normally can't cast Formulaic spells?

And what if a Verditus mage created a Casting Tablet - does the user need a copy of the V's casting toos?

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I would assume that the Verditius still needs their tools to effectively cast the tablet.

Do you not mean no spontaneous spell? Either way, i would let them use the tablet.

I would say no, i would not think that casting tools are necessary (unless one is a Verditius, and even then, only one's own).

But maybe i am taking too generous a reading...

That could possibly get complicated, since a Verditius mage typically needs a separate tool for each spell they know. But since they don't know the spell on tablet....

Seerf's parma: iIthouht that they have one tool per art (rather than per spell) and use them in combination....

There are instances to the contrary, e. g. HoH:MC p.123f Enchanted Casting Tools (Minor House Mystery):

To enchant a casting tool, compare the magus's Technique and Form Lab Total to the level of of the spell that the casting tool is associated with.

HoH:MC p.124 box Enchanted Casting Tool Example has enchanted a casting tool for The Crystal Dart.

There is also an explanation to the (HoH:MC p.136) Flaw Consumed Casting Tools, which assumes a "casting tool for a spell".

If you don't want to rule from such, you better ask your troupe, though.

I suppose you could decide that the casting tablet IS the casting tool, and that the relevant breakthrough to allow this was part of the invention of casting tools in the first place. Probably not great for the consumed casting tools flaw, but it is a flaw.

One tool per art is for when you have the flaw that makes you need casting tools for spontaneous spells. Since you can't learn spontaneous spells, you instead require a tool per art when sponting.
(HoH:MC p136)


Thanks, it has been a while since i read that bit.

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