Everyone who has been accepted should have on post in this thread, breaking down their use of prestige points. If a character leaves the game the post should be edited to cross out the departing character. Each character should be posted thusly:
prestige points character's name
or when they leave
[strike]beginning prestige character's name[/strike] ending prestige points
Remember initial prestige is 7 points, 4 points for a magus, 3 for a mythic companion, 2 for a companion, and 1 for a grog.

Arthur's prestige:

  • Maximilian of Verditius (4 points)
  • Christophoros the Schoolmaster (2 points)
  • Zeno the Spear, grog (1 point)

Monk's Prestige:
[] (4 points) Mercere Magus
] (2 Points) Wandering Cursed Warrior/Merchant
[*] (1 Point) No idea...any suggestions?

Joel's Prestige:
(4) Rego / Finesse Magi
(2 or 3) Companion

I would like to understand Mythic companions if someone can tell me which supplement I need. Otherwise, I will go with a Wealthy Merchant companion, and some sort of grog.

Mythic Companions are in a number of supplements- the base form is in Houses of Hermes True Lineage, they also appear in Realms of Power- all of them.

Flambeau Magus 4 points
Heroic Companion 3 points

The Ambassador's Prestige

4: Warrior Magus
3: His three grogs, and men-at-arms.

Vespertilio's Prestige:

4: Liberius of Bonisagus
2: Charmion the Nymph
1: A grog

4 pts: Magi????
2 pts: Smuggler companion
1 pt: Mystery grog

4 Points: Magi
3 Points: ??? Might do a Mythic Companion; might do 3 Grogs. Haven't decided yet.

Note: You may want to post the point expenditures here; I had to go to the recruitment thread to get the point values.

For myself:
Mythic Companion (Alexander) 3 pts
Faerie Companion 2pts
Magic Grog 1pt
Mundane Grog 1pt

Karerurens Prestige:

Bonisagus Magus 4pts
Mythic Mercere 3pts

Trogdor's Prestige:

4 Merinita magus
2 apprentice
1 grog