Cat in the hat:magi equivalent?

What would be the equivalent of “the cat in the hat”? I figured that such a book could allow the reader to at least get a gist of Latin or other languages. With the right enchantments it might even give the gist of various forms/techniques!

This one maybe?

For how magi learn Latin, I semi-speculate it would be a variant of the Bible for most, as that was perhaps one of the most translated book in both late antiquity and the late Middle Ages, though to a lesser extent in between those periods when most sagas would take place.

I suspect most magi learn latin by veing tutored into the language, rather than reading a book.

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I'm pretty sure Virgil's Aeneid is the classic text for instruction for most of the middle ages. (And also a classic in schools for centuries afterwards).

Most people in medieval western and central Europe studied their Latin with either the Ars Minor and Ars Maior of Donatus or - especially at universities - the Institutiones Grammaticae of Priscianus.

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What would be the enchanted version of said book be though?