Catching up on The Infernal

I picked up a copy of RoP-Infernal this weekend. Good work. Much much better than previous editions. I cam accross on entry, a NPC Diabolist. Interesting, classic, I like the reinterpretation. A fine example of what I mean by Revision as opposed to Erasure.

One question. "Craft Hex Toys (painful ones)". I busted a gut laughing! I am still chuckling. But deep down inside I am moaning "owwwwww!!!! Bad Pun!!!!!!!!!!!!". :laughing:

Okay, which one of you was responsible for that, and why? Just, why? :smiley: It was pretty hillarious though. Classic. So, Rassus is cannon in 5th edition, but Delendar is erased. I shake my head and wonder....


Really good character though. It conveys the sense of "spooky", and invokes pity for her.

Bad puns are pure evil. Laughing at them corrupts you a little more. Thus, we sprinkled them in wherever we could. :slight_smile:

I imagine that's why. I think she's an interesting character, and her condition makes the Shadow Flambeaux a much more interesting story -- at least some of the villains are sympathetic and potentially redeemable. She also would make a great mother for a character touched by evil or a Devil Child, I think.

Indeed. Good job, because the 3rd ed version was pathetic and contemptible. This girl is sad and tragic. I almost wish she could be redeemed and her Gift saved. Its a choice of one or the other though, isn't it? Salvation or the False Gift.

And bad puns are indeed evil!!!

Yes, but why the name change from Relegare? Also, shouldn't she be about 23 years older to account for the time differential between 3rd Ed. (1197) and 5th Ed. (1220)?

"Realms of Power: The Infernal" was certainly interesting. The Demons came across as much less formidable or terrifying than in previous editions. The fact that they can now be killed and have it "take" makes them substantially more vulnerable. Perversely, Infernalists seem to pose a greater potential threat. Indeed, looking at the rules, it would seem that a Devil Child who studied the right Maleficia and/or Goetic Arts might eventually become [/b]more potent than almost any "pure" Demon.

The revised name is more proper Leoneese. The 3rd ed name was just sort of slapped in there. I am not overly worried about the time difference. From what I have seen, she could have been deleted entirely without apology. But, seeing how tasetfully she was revised, and made into an interesting and viable character, suffice to say I appreciate it very much and much respect to whomever amongst the authors thought it up.

The Infernal is certainly a very fine supplement. Properly creepy and spooky for the subject matter.

Would anyone care to speculate what kind of 5th ed. demon the semi-legendary ArM3 p. 153. one would be?

As there's an Infernal thread already underway I'll post this here...

Page 32 provides the Possession power and rules. They continue on page 33 where it states that Vim spells may be cast on the possessed character to target the possessing demon.

Presumably, this includes the old standby of Demon's Eternal Oblivion.

The question is one around perception of the demon. Is this only while it is manifesting some control or power? Or does this apply even when the demon is "hidden".

For the record, in last night's session I allowed the spell to target the demon while it was "hidden" and not manifesting control or power over its host. It seemed the expedient thing to do for the story.

One thing I noticed is that they mention she is from the war-torn lands of North-Western Iberia, when raids were frequent. That would make her a few hundred years old actually. The whole focus shifted south several generations ago. Leon and even Navarre participated in Las Navas, but they traveled through Castile to get there. In the 13th century, they no longer have a border with any of the Moorish kingdoms.