cat's cradle?

I have a vague idea that somewhere there was something about how a cat's cradle (or similar) was used in magic, but I am not finding it at the moment. Can anyone help?

If not, what could a cat's cradle be magically significant of?
I keep wondering if a Verditus could use it as casting tool - each spell has its own knot figure, and the verditus needs to form/craft it each time they want to cast a spell.

I can’t speak to academic or historical sources but the idea of someone using one in their magic screams “threads of fate” to me so someone working on those kinds of tropes or imagery?

Perhaps you are thinking of Finnish knot magic (as adapted in 4th edition I think?) and the superstitions involving knotted ropes and wind.


That sounds familiar. It seems I was misremembering across editions.

There is a famous fragmetary film from the 1940's surrealist community: THE WITCH'S CRADLE.

See here: