Cecilio/Purity Sheets

[size=150]Cecilio ex Bonisagus[/size]

Name: Cecilio ex Bonisagus, the Younger
Age: 28
Warping: 1 (7)
Confidence 2 (5)
Gender: Female
Int+2 Per:+0 Str: -2 Sta+1 Prs:+2 Com+3 Dex-3 Qik+0
Personality Traits: Generous+6, Compassionate+3, Sarcastic+2
Wizard’s Sigil: Metal

Virtues: Inventive Genius, Flawless Magic, Good Teacher, Self-Confident, Imbued with Spirit of Corpus, Unaging (Faerie), Cautious Sorcerer, Independent Study, Magical Blood (Wolf, Keen Sense of Smell, From Adventure)
Notes/Details: The wolf blood expresses itself in a handful of features. She has wolf ears on the top of her head, and a wolf's tail. Strangely her nose is the part with heightened senses, being that of a wolfs. Her appearance is frozen at age 21 although most people would guess just a touch older.

Flaws: Weak Scholar, Unbearable to Demons, Infernal Stigmata (numerous small cuts), Compassionate (minor), Plagued by Supernatural Entity, Generous (Major)
Notes/Details: The Plagued by Supernatural Entity is supposed to represent the contact with the Queen of Ice, Blood and Sand. The Queen isn't actively malicious but she is more than willing to sweep up Cecilio to where ever, or invite her to a ball/dance/party/ceremony. As she is a Faerie these end up in one sort of adventure or another. Cecilio sees the Queen as sort of a decent friend if a bit odd. More to the point she does tend to go to events when invited or help when needed.

High German (Swiss) - 5 (75)
Area Lore: Rhine Tribunal (Forests) - 2 (15)
Charm (women) – 2 (15)
Brawl (Dodge) – 2 (15)
Athletics – 2 (15)
Order of Hermes Lore (covenfolk) 1 (5)
Concentration (meditation) – 1 (5)
Guile (getting out of trouble) – 1 (5)
Folk Ken (covenfolk) – 1 (5)
Magic Theory (Experimentation) – 4+2 (52)
Latin (Lab Texts) – 5 (76)
Code of Hermes (Faerie) – 1 (5)
Artes Liberales (Ritual Magic) – 1 (6)
Faerie Lore (Queens) – 1 (5)
Finesse (beauty) – 1 (5)
Philosophiae (Ritual Magic) – 1 (6)
Profession: Scribe (Lab Texts) – 1 (7)
Parma Magic (Vim) – 2 (15)
Teaching (Familiars) – 1 (5)
Magic Lore (Wolves) – 1 (10)
Hunting (Smell) - 2 (15)
Survival (Forest) - 2 (15)
Area Lore: Magic Realm 0 (1)

Creo: 11 (74) Intellego: 6 (27) Muto: 0 (0) Perdo; 0 (0) Rego: 7 (32)
An: 0 (0) Aq 0 (0) Au: 0 (0) Co: 6 (21) He: 3 (6) Ig: 10 (56) Im: 2 (3) Me: 2 (3) Te: 0 (0) Vi: 3 (6)

Known Spells
The Chicurgeon’s Healing Touch – CrCo-20 (+20) Mastery 2, Life-Linked Ritual: Pg 129 Core
Gentle Touch of the Purified Body - CrCo-20 (+20) Mastery 1, Life-Linked Ritual: Pg 129 Core
Purification of the Festering Wound – CrCo-20 (+20) Mastery 1, Penetration: Pg 129 Core
Lift the Dangling Puppet – ReCo-15 (+16) Mastery 1, Multiple Casting: Pg 134 Core
The Gift of Vigor – ReCo-20 (+16) Mastery 1, Ceremonial Casting: Pg 134 Core
Intuition of the Forest – InHe-10 (+11) Mastery 1, Introspective Casting
Shriek of the Impending Shafts – InHe 15 (+11) Mastery 1, Ceremonial Casting
Heat of the Searing Forge – CrIg 10 (+23) Mastery 1, Multiple Casting
Leap of Fire – ReIg 10 (+19) Mastery 1, Precise Casting
Wizard’s Sidestep ReIm 10 (+11) Mastery 1, Fast Casting
Gaze Of Pain CrIg 15 (+21) Mastery 1, Multiple Casting: Custom Spell
Hear Their Pain-InCo 15 (+15) Mastery 1, Introspective Casting: Custom Spell
Walk on Air-ReCo-15 (+16) Mastery 1, Precise Casting: Custom Spell
Vis Hunt InVi -15 (+11) Mastery 1, Ceremonial Casting: Custom Spell
Banana Slices CrHe – 20 (+17) Mastery 1, Secure Casting: Custom Spell

[size=150]Purity the wolf of purifying flame[/size]

Name:Purity – a wolf of purifying flame
Season: Spring Base Might: 15 Base Size: -1
Might: 14 Size: -1

Non-magical Qualities: Thick Fur, Keen Sense of Smell, Sharp Ears
Natural Weapons: Teeth Init: +0 Atk: +3 Dfn: +1 Dam: +1
Characteristics: Int+2 Per:+0 Str: -1 Sta+2 Prs:-2 Com+3 Dex+2 Qik+1
Confidence 1 (3)
Traits: Caring+2 Hates Demons+3 Wolf+3
Magical Qualities: Improved Characteristics2, Gift of Speech, Greater Power1, Personal Power3, Improved Power, Improved Abilities3, Improved Fatigue, Ritual Power
Magic Inferiorities: Reduced Might*2
Virtues: Greater Immunity (Fire), Unaffected By Gift, Good Teacher, Second Sight, Arcane Lore, Sharp Ears
Flaws: Outsider (wolves), Hatred: Demons (Minor), Magical Friend, Motion Sickness, Ignem Monstrosity, Slow Power (Blood of the Mother)
Notes: The Ignem Monstrosity shows itself in extreme body heat that can be felt radiating off the creature. In rain or snow steam will waft off its fur. Occasionally sparks will flicker from the creature’s mouth such as when it’s laughing or howling.

Abilities: Brawl (teeth) 5, Awareness (smell) 3 (5), Athletics (running) 4, Hunt (by smell) 4, Survival (forests) 3, High German (Swiss) 3, Area Lore: Rhine (Forests), Second Sight (demons) 3 (5) Penetration (Ig) 2 Finesse (Avoiding Bystanders) 1 (10xp), Magic Theory (Inventing Spells) 4 (55xp) Latin (Hermetic Usage) 3 (5) (40xp) Order of Hermes Lore (Familiars) 1 (5xp), Artes Liberales (writing systems) 1, Carouse (party tricks) 1

Blood of the Mother,
3 points, Init-8, Vim
R: Touch D: Mom T: Ind, Ritual
This power only be used on those under the care of the wolf. In an act of will and power the wolf smears a bit of blood on the recipient’s body. The target is granted the virtue Magical Blood: Animal, (Wolf). In addition to the might pool costs this costs three confidence points to cast. (This is instead of reducing might score.)
No Hermetic Equivalent: Ritual Power +2 mastery points to reduce cost. Based off Grant (minor virtue) RoP: M pg 39 with some flavor added by cutting out some options.

Heart of Fire
0 Pints, Constant (Init-1), Creo Ignem (Rego) -30,
R: Touch D: Constant T: Ind
The wolf’s heart and blood seethe with the power of fire, radiating into the body and finally the surrounding environment. The wolf is capable of directing the heat not to touch those it favors, but should the wolf wish it those nearby will face searing heat. Only the most flammable substances will start on fire, but flesh will blister and burn. Anyone engaged in melee with the wolf takes +5 damage each time they attack or are attacked by the wolf in melee regardless of the success of the attack. Outside of combat the aura of heat is about the size of a bonfire.
Base 4 +1 touch +2 sun +1 constant + 1 rego req, size+1 15 levels spent to reduce cost

Purifying Lances
0 Points, Init-2, CrIg(PeVi)
R: Sight D: Mom T: Ind
The wolf let’s forth a howl and three bolts of fire streak forth from the wolf’s mouth toward any target or targets the creature can see. Normally these bolts have a high arc through the sky, but it isn’t mandatory. Sometimes the bolts appear to transform themselves into a flaming imp, or demonic face before striking the target. That only happens when an unlucky, invisible demon gets caught by the bolt of fire.

Against most creatures the effect is bad enough each bolt that strikes inflicting +20 damage. Demons have it even worse losing 20 might for each bolt that penetrates through their resistance. The wolf can divide the bolts however it chooses. Finally the wolf’s penetration score is increased by two when calculating the penetration of the flames.
Base 15+3 sight, +2 req, 10 levels to reduce cost, 2 Mastery Points to get a Mastery Score of 2, Multiple Casting, Penetration.

Hands of the Magical Animal
0 Points, Init+0, Ignem(?)
As from Realms of Power: Magic Page 39

[size=150]Spells, items, and other enchantments invented by Cecilio[/size]
Lesser Enchanted Items:
Corpse Wand – Creo Corpus 20 - 1 Use/Day
R: Touch T: Individual D: Sun
This yew (+2 corpses) wand is tipped with amber (+3 corpus). This creates a complete human corpse lasting until the sun sets or rises. To trigger the wand tap the ground, (or table, etc.) three times using the amber tip. In Hermetic Lab work it can provide a +2 corpus specialization.
Base 5 +1 touch +2 sun

Organ Extraction Knife-Creo Corpus 20
R: Touch T: Part D: Moon
This metallic blade when used to cut out an organ (or run across an already removed one), tendon, muscle or similar extract from the body will preserve the removed peace of flesh and only the removed piece of flesh. The resulting decay will then clean the removed part as the unpreserved bits still attached turned to dust. This is extremely useful in Corpus research and provides a +2 corpus specialization to any lab in which it is used.
Base 2 +1 touch +3 moon +24 uses/day

Gaze of Pain – CrIg 15
R: Sight T: Individual D: Sun
The victim of this spell feels a flash of heat as flames smolder on their skin or clothing. The target suffers +5 damage.
Base 4 +3 sight

Hear Their Pain-InCo 15
R: Personal T: Hearing D: Mom
This spell provides information similar to Physician’s Eye. However the information comes through the sense of hearing, the sound indicating health. Melodious sounds for healthy people, with poor health marred by notes of discord.

Walk on Air-ReCo-15
R: Personal T: Self D: Sun
The Maga who casts this can walk (or crawl or swim any slow form of movement) in any direction as if she was walking over a sold surface without falling. She can climb in much the same way someone would walk up stairs or climb a ladder. As a side effect the maga won’t fall fast enough to hurt herself when she falls.

Vis Hunt InVi -15
R: Personal T: Sight D: Sun
The maga can see vis, still in its natural form, for as long as the spell remains active. Enchanted items and vis that has been moved won’t show up. Cecilio’s sigil flecks her eyes with what appears to be copper.
Base 1 +4 vision +2 sun.

Banana Slice-CrHe-20
R: Touch T: Group+2 D:Mon, Ritual
The maga fills an area with up 1000 cubic paces worth of dried, sweetened sliced bananas. This exotic fruit from the far, far east is both delicious and nutritious. And since they come dried, the large quantity of the fruit keeps for a long time. Cecilio’s sigil manifests in a slight coppery taste which she says adds flavor.

Familiar Bond: 34
Gold Chord +0
Silver Chord +0
Bronze Chord +3

Familiar Bond Powers:
Ward Against Minor Flames ReIg-19 Constant
R: Touch T: Ind D: Sun
The Maga gains immunity to heat and fire that inflicts less than +5 fire damage, and +5 soak against heat.
Base 4+1 touch +2 sun +4 levels Constant

18 silver worth of mundane wealth. Mostly fancy clothes, exotic fruit and jewelry.
Laboratory (some assembly required): 2 refinements, Extensive Stores, Greater Feature: +3 experimentation, Greater Focus: +4 experimentation
Tractus: Magic Theory Q12: Flawless Magic and how to get it by starting young.
Lab texts: Corpse Wand, Organ Extraction Knife, Vis Hunt, Hear Their Pain, Gaze of Pain, Walk on Air
Enchanted Items: Corpse Wand, Organ Extraction Knife

Also updated the sheets with experience from the road to the city of Brass. 4/11/2015 is the day that happened.

The Sheet during the city of brass adventure. For records purposes and such.