Ceremonial Casting and Sponting

Can you do Cermonial cast with a spontanious or is it formulaic only??

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Way the rule looks to me, you can only use Ceremoniel Casting for Spontaneous Spells. On pg. 83 of the ArM5 under the section on spontaneous spells they write

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That's the way we play it - there just isn't the flexibility in a formulaic spell for ceremonial. HOWEVER we are having a debate as to why you cannot incorporate ceremony when creating a Formulaic Spell.

Well, formulaic magic is ... well ... fixed. So you've already made it into a ceremony so to speak. Also, for a Formulaic spell the possible rewards would be rather small. It'd be more rewarding using vis. Or that'd be my position anyway. On the other hand, you could possibly use the ritual rules instead... Of course, it'd be expensive vis wise but some sacrifices must be made, eh?


True Lineages includes a type of spell mastery that allows you to ceremonially cast formulaic spells.

I imagine it's because ceremony makes a formulaic spell a Ritual, at least in normal Magic Theory. You can make up ceremonial trappings for a spontaneous spell, but formulaic spells have to be cast exactly the same way every time, so you can't work in ceremony on the fly (at least, not without picking up the mastery ability).

Yes, but if a Formulaic Spell is say level 20 then surely incorporating some ceremony into it at design time should make is easier to cast - but it doesn't.

To incorporate ceremony into a formulaic spell at design time, you have to make it a Ritual. Unfortunately, that means it costs vis, too, but normal Magic Theory doesn't include any way to separate the two concepts.

I don't see a problem with a house rule allowing characters to make formulaic spells that can be cast "cerimonially only", they'll give up the ability to cast the spell quickly but they'll also get a better casting score.