Certamen; why no form resistance?


My question is concerning the resistance total in certamen (stamina+parma); why can you not add use your form resistance? Only asking because it states that your forms are somehow an expression of your magical self; i take that to imply inherently a part of the Magus.

Does a magus somehow suppress part of his/her magical self for the purposes of duelling? i.e use only parma score + stamina?

Thanks all

Because this is one special way to use Hermetic Arts amd Arcane Abilities.

I would say it's because the Form resistance bonuses apply to physical phenomena (by which I mean direct applications of physically "real" magic, so Vim and Mentem effects still fall here) rather than the metaphysical magical struggle central to certamen.

Alternatively, you could houserule the Magic Resistance bonus part in, but if you consider what the Parma Magica does (provides a resistance bonus equal to its skill level, which is 1/5 its usual Magic Resistance) and apply the same conversion to the Magic Resistance provided by Form bonuses, it won't make much of a difference at all, because you'll only be getting one point more resistance for every five points of Form bonus... In other words, most magi would never have Arts high enough for even their best Form to provide a mere +3 in certamen resistance scores at their strongest point in life, even rounding up on the division.

The form is already accounted in either the attack or defense of the Certamen. If it was providing a soaking bonus, it is a bit like counting twice.

In general, boosting defense only makes conflict drag so it is also a mechanical reason why Form bonus is not added to Certamen "soaking".