Chapter 0: Csilla's Assignment

Three adult males, one quite a bit older than the other two. A adult woman, looking around the same age as the older man. The girl was much younger, still a child.

Only a few tools are found. Some sort of chisel, a wooden hammer similar to what is used by carpenters or stonemasons. An iron bar, about five feet in length. Perhaps these were tools that the men picked up to defend themselves.

The woman's body is close to the girl's, some distance away from the men. They have puncture wounds in their back. One of the younger men's head was caved in by a blow, while the other one's throat was slashed. The older man has slash wounds on his upper body, but the dead blow looks like a blade was thrust through his chest.

Csilkla casts her spell and the body twitches as the spirit is called forth. Before she can asks him any questions, he speaks in German, in an accent that she has trouble understanding, "Wohin sind sie gegangen? Ist meine Familie sicher?" (Where? Family safety?)

(Indeed, I roll the die. You should name the formulaic spell being cast (though it was fairly obvious in this situation), or the parameters and intended effect of the spontaneous spell, as well as your casting total before aura and die roll. Saves me the trouble of looking them up from your character's stats. :wink: )

Csilla look at the man spirit and says in low german : "We are near Bogen, You are dead, Family too. I want to know what happend. Who did that to you.? i will take care of it."

"Tot? Alle tot? Meine Söhne? Meine Töchter?" The corpse's wheezing voice asks breathlessly. Then it wails, much more loudly, "Nein!!! Oh Gott, ist das die Hölle?"

(Dead? All dead? My sons? My dauthers? No!!! Oh God, is this Hell?)

Csilla begins to be annoyed, but doesnt show it. With patience she speak at him slowly.

"Beruhigen Sie sich, Wieviele Sie waren ? ich nannte(rief an) Sie aus einem Grund, Hölle nicht, aber ich biete mich Ihnen, um in Frieden mit dem Gefühl hineinzugehen, dass Sie Gerechtigkeit haben werden.
Erzählen Sie mir langsam und mit Stille die tat das zu Ihnen und warum? Ich werde darin blicken und mich überzeugen, dass keiner anderer wieder leiden muß."

(Calm down,How many were you, i called you for a reason, hell no but i offer you to go in peace with the feeling that you will have justice.
Tell me slowly and with calm who did this to you and why? I will look into it and make sure no one else again have to suffer.)

With her previous experience with the spirits of the dead, Csilla knows that one must be patient. They are often confused and caught in the circumstances of their death.

The spirit's German is also quite different than the one she learned so far. His pronounciation of different and some words are strange to her. (OOC: He is speaking High German rather than Low German. That means both he and Csilla suffer from a -2 penalty when speaking to each other. I'm switching back to English, with volountary simplification and mistakes to illustrate this.)

"We were travel to Regen town. Made camp, family and me. Men with weapons come. Say take silver, food. Son not happy. Then see daughter, say take her. Son angry. They kill son. I tell wife and daughters run. Try stop them. Kill my son. The pain! Spear in my chest! Then more pain! Where is wife? Where is daughters?"

Csilla continuing with calm

So your eldest daughter is alive ! Well i will look into it.
Now did your remember something particular about your agressor ?

"Daughter alive? Small Lidia? Hope, but not see. Wife ran away?"

"Men dirty. Beards, speak German strange. Not know them. No time see."

Strange german like me ?
Why did you come to this town . Special places ?

"Different strange. (unintelligible) perhaps?"

"No in town, on the road. Going to Regen, work there. Cut stones for tower over water."

Try to approximate the information then nod .

Didnt understand Type of Strange.

After he repeat her the information. She look at him. Since i told you to come back i need you to do something for me. Try to find those man i will be in town to put your body to have a proper burial, Look around and try to found those man. If you manage to get information come back to me when im alone. please ! You think you can do this for me.
What was your name ?

(This is not a ghost, he is a spirit called forth by your spell. So he is not aware of things around him when the spell is not active.)

(He seems to be referring to a region in or near Germany, but one that you do not know.)

(His name was Filbert.)

By this time, Csilla is starting to sweat from the effort of maintaining concentraiton on her spell.

(will answear sunday)

Csilla memorize the wierd name of region that Filbert just told her.

She thanks him and tell him she will look into it then drop concentration, she decide to keep a teeth or something of him in case of.
Then she stand up and go toward the guard and tell him if he know the region she just heard. Apparently a woman was kidnapped out of this family.

Then tell them to carry them out for a proper burial.

Gregory is the one standing guard near Csilla. "Yeah, I think that's several days of travel west of here, on the other side of the Black Forest," he says in Latin when she tells him the name she couldn't understand. "It probably just means that at least one of the brigands was from farther away. Or maybe it was a band of mercenaries that turned highwaymen when things got tough or their side lost a battle and their side couldn't pay them no more."

"What do you want us to do, magistra? Seems to me that your cover persona wouldn't go traipsing through the forest trying to find after a brigands." He scratches his head, then shrugs, "We can do that anyway, if that's what you decide to do. That seems to have happened more than a day ago and we don't know how many of them there were."

(Just to be sure, you want the grogs to bring the corpses to the next village for a proper Christian burial? Or to bury them here but properly?)

(Are you ready to damage the corpse to gather an arcane connection? Note that the spell you know, Whispers Through the Black Gate, doesn't work at arcane connection range. So at the moment such an arcane connection would be a very little use. And once the bodies are blessed and buried by a priest, the arcane conneciton won't work any longer.)

(As it is my first time playing someone who plays with necromancer i was'nt sure, i will not damage the corpse)
(I want the grog to bring the corpse for a proper christian burial)
First we brings those corpse so they can receive the blessing to go to the heaven as their rightful soul deserves. Then from there we will see, about it.

One thing Gregory, i need that you confirm the fact that one men was still alive and told us that they were attacked by those brigand(region) and his daughter was abducted. Then as good christian we decided that we should bring back the information and make sure they had a proper burial.

"I can do that, mistress. But if they inspect the bodies they may realize that it just isn't so. All of those poor su... I am craftsmen... were killed pretty much at the same time, a little while ago. And their wounds aren't the kind that leave you alive for long. With repect, it might be better if we say that we suspect they were killed by brigands, and that by their campsite we believe there was another girl with them?"

As Csilla is pondering this, Gregory directs his men to wrap the bodies and load them up in the supply cart. The teamsters talk with the grogs as they are loading the bodies. They seem to be arguing about something. One of them speaks to Gregory, who comes to you again. "Some of the servants will have to walk until we reach a village, ma'am. Otherwise the supply cart will be too heavily loaded and risks breaking down. Nothing to worry about, it's just that it's going to slow us down a little."

"Agreed my dear Gregory ! great ideas, I really need to improve my logical mundane skills ! You are clearly a great asset !"
then she lets him managing the group. When he comes to speak to her.
"Yeah i guessed that already, lets promess them an extra ration of beer for the inconvenience dont you think ? "

"Aye ma'am, we can do that."

So it is that the group loads the bodies into the cart, wrapped into blankets, and make their way to the next village. They get there a little after midday, having been delayed by the investigation of the bodies. It is a mid-sized farming village, with a small church and a smithy, as well as a proper inn for travellers. Gregory leads the group towards the church and speaks for a few moments with the priest who comes out. The man is a bit nervous about the number of armed men showing up at his door, but listens carefully. Gregory hands him a small pouch before turning back to where the rest of the group waits.

He comes to Csilla first, explaining, "He will take care of the bodies and arrange for the rites and burial. He says there aren't regular patrols around here, but that he can send someone to the castle to inform the local lord." He then directs the other to unload the bodies and carry them to the church.

"What now, milady?"

Who is the local lord ? We could accompany the messenger to secure the information and so on meet the lord, im sure somehow it could bring some information overwise a good bed