Chapter 1: A new day

"It would appear that you have already made a friend dearest Maga!" Odysseus smiles and there is a hint of a smirk lurking at the edges of his mouth "If my Sodales will please excuse me, I will try to fix the harm so carelessly caused by Maga Kallista's Blasphemy." At this, he stands giving a polite half bow to the assembled Magi before following Stavros out of the room.

Kallista just smiles and knows that Stavros will eventually find himself in house Tytalus again.

You will find Stavros looking for a scribe to pen a letter for the Redcaps to officially deliver to Kallista. He is declaring a Wizard's War unless you can talk him out of it.

"Magus Stavros!" Odysseus' voice carries down the hall as he runs down the hall "I take it you are as upset as I by Maga Kallista's Blasphemy?" Noticing Stavros' expression Odysseus asks "Is there something you are looking for Sodale? Perhaps I can be of assistance?"

(trying to play a guy with a very low Communication score here :stuck_out_tongue: )

[color=red]I operate according to a rule of three. That was one. She has two left

Odysseus nods slowly "Of course Magus, I would not want to see what happens when you get to three!" he smiles and claps Stavros on the shoulder before flashing him a grin "Again, if you ever find yourself in need of my services, you simply need but ask..."

Polycarpus to the magi still at the council table. Do we have any other suggestions or any plan on how to bring the village under our authority. I find such a suggestion most troubling as it would be a infringement on the villagers freedom. Should we not reach out to the village elder and try to cooperate in some way? Do we have some expertise on law in our retinues?

(( Odysseus has such a companion! But as he's currently outside dealing with Stavros... ))

"I am not sure but if we are contributing to their church, not mine as I am no christian and helping them get a new churchman, we should be able to exert a lot of influence over where it is placed and what they do. We make it clear that we are taking on thier protection and care and we assume the role of the noble to them. The key is to keep the dominion as far from here as possible and insuring our most convenience unless they prove they deserve more. I don't want dominion interfering with the magic in my home any more than I want the infernal here." Kallista's views are not that odd in the order with the cult of mercury, merinita and many other pagan mages.

Nestor asks:

"What's the question. I may be able to help you!"

Polycarpus: I brought up two things to the council. First thing is that the villagers asked us to contribute to their new church as their old is both too small and deteriorated. I also mentioned that we might be having a chance in influencing the choice of the new priest. The old one is dying and without children. The second thing I brought up is that we should perhaps take steps and measures to assure that we have a system of handling legal issues when they arise. We don’t want the villagers to run of to the nearest nobleman if say one of our guards get into a drunken brawl with one of the villagers.

Solomon: "Church. Contribute? Why, yes indeed. Why not. And location - most important. I pray, what; do you not? Well. I see. Well certainly it's mystic influence must be kept at arm's length - but people must have a place to pray - yes? And mundane affairs. . . well, perhaps my Man Siobham might help. He is good with words, and people, and. . . that sort of thing. He might, speak, and so on. Help, perhaps?"

I think a worldly priest with little knowledge and few rich friends is what we are looking for. Contributing to the church must of course happen to channels that allow the villagers to point to us as their benefactors and at the same time we mustn't meddle with mundanes though I know too little about our Tribunal to be sure where the line is drawn.

Nestor thinks about what he knows on the order side of this business

ooh lore /codex of hermes 3 + Int 3 +2 roll (
= 8

He also reflects on the legal/theological implications
Law/theology 2 + Int 3 + roll 2 (

Poor rolls!

Polycarpus: We donate as pious Christians and the only thing we ask for is that we could affect the location. I am about to suggest a hill a bit up on the island, it has a spectacular view of the sea. And I can’t imagine that we are interfering with the mundane. Setting up a court is just to avoid such things and we are simply trying to affect what priest we get here. Does any one care to travel to the bishop and speak to him? Personally I am a bit preoccupied by my lab work…

OOC: we know more once we have the book… So guesswork for now.

Travel to the bishop? Depends. If he's the scholarly bookish type, I could go myself. My Gift is unobtrusive to humans.
But if he's a crusader, someone more martial may be better. Or does he prefer tits, or boys? I'm not offering him my arse, mind!

He smiles to soften the rudeness of the joke.

Solomon: "Visit? Again, my man might do the trick. I'm not really ah - well - negotiator, so to say. But I could. I mean I wouldn't want to say no - I mean to my Sodales. Happy to help and all that. If you like."

"I guess I could wiggle my behind and with a little magic provide whichever the bishop would prefer. It isn't that big a deal and if it gets us a priest we can deal with, I don't mind." She follows the greek gods and fornification is definately a major do in her religion.

Solomon: "Ah. Uh. Ahem." Solomon goes bright pink when the Maga mentions 'wiggling' things, and ducks his head under the table. He shuffles parchment and scrolls around for a couple of minutes before emerging into view again.

OOC: I am going to be very vague on locations and such as I have planed to use the book for this saga and as you know there is some time until we can have it in our hands.

Polycarpus: We should move on then. Those who wish to go speak with the bishop meet down at the shore tomorrow morning for departure. He takes a short pause and then continues. I should not pretend to be our leader so if you wish to bring something up to the council table, then do so. I think that this first meeting is more for us to just discuss general issues rather than in detail planning something.

Odysseus returns in time to catch the bit about wiggling, which brings a slight smile to his face. "I apologize, Magus Stavros is a typical Flambeau and the earlier Blasphemy did not sit well with him... However I think I have talked him out of doing anything rash." Sliding back into his seat he smiles and nods at the new faces