Chapter 1: A new day

On a large circular wooden table there is an abundance of fruits and food and a large selection of wine. The table is illuminated by the setting sun outside the council hall and around the huge table there are a set of identical well decorated chairs. In the ceiling above the table there is a magical orb that also aids in the illumination of the council table.

Polycarpus, the Bonisagus magus that you all have meet before starts to speak. Welcome here my new soldaes. This is the first council meeting in our new covenant. As you know we are a covenant dedicated to preserve the freedom of it member but however there are a few matters that we must decide as a group. But before we get onto the matter at hand I wish that we all introduce ourselves to the group.

OOC: Everyone take turns and introduce your magus/maga so that I know you are here. 

"Magus Polycarpus - a pleasure, a redoubtable pleasure. My name is Solomon ex Verditius - eh, heh -yes - and I am honored to be amongst such fine fellows. Honored I say. And Freedom - eh, heh - yes - perhaps our first glass, our first toast? Freedom! Eh,heh. Splendid."

The stoic Laconian looks up and says"[color=red]I am Stavros of Flambeau".
Not being one given to lengthy speech, he says little else until someone makes the comment about freedom, to which he offers the short reply "[color=red]Freedom isn't free, it comes at the highest of costs"

"Oh indeed, yes. Quite so. Very cryptic. Criamon, almost. Splendid."

"Freedom is free for those strong enough to take it and those that aren't deserve what they get. This is especially true for a mage for we have more power to be free than most." The tytalus maga is in human form at the moment. "Still we do sometimes need to give up our freedom a little for cooperation so that we all share in resources. Our own wills bind us to the oaths we take."


:unamused: :unamused:

The stoic Flambeau has no comment in response to the foolishness of his sodales. He just rolls his eyes, and even then he does so ever so slightly so that one would have to be directly observing him (and have some knowledge of Folk Ken) to discern his reaction and the meaning behind it.

"While I doubt that I need an introduction I suppose it would be rude of me to not provide one..." Odysseus pauses for a moment "I am Odysseus, Redcap of House Mercere. As a procurer of hard to find items and purveyor of magical transportation, if any of my sodales find themselves in need of my services, they simply need but to ask!" Flashing a picture perfect smile to Kallitia, he sits down and surveys the others as they talk. = 2 + 14 = 16

(( Charm, trying to make the other Magi view him in a more favorable light. Except for Kallitia, he's attempting to catch her eye as it were. What? He's slightly lecherous and she's pretty! Also, he'll blow up to two confidence points to boost his total if it will make a significant difference in the other Magi's opinion of him, especially Kallitia. First impressions are everything! ))

(( Alertness to see if Odysseus spots the rolling of the eyes )) = 4 + 7 = 11

(( Folk Ken, assuming that he does indeed spot it )) = 4 +11 = 15

(( I'd say with those totals that he probably spotted it Marko? I'll really leave it up to you, but if he doesn't, ignore this next part. ))

Catching Stavros' reaction to Kallitia, Odysseus smirks slightly but doesn't call attention to it.

(( For anyone that was a previous member of a Covenant in either this Tribunal or Transylvania, there's a very good chance that you might have run into Odysseus, Redcap and all that! I'll leave this up to the individual players to decide. ))

Then welcome everyone. Polycarpus raise his glass to his fellow magi. Now to our first errand, the villagers have asked us to help fund a church. Their old is both crubling and to small, our households have increased the population of the village and thus the demands for Gods words. If you wish the you could contribute in some way. A more interesting thing is that the old priest is about to pass on and he there needs to be a replacement. Is this something we should show some interest in? I could severely affect our relationship with the church.

[color=red]Doesn't he have any children?
(OOC-It was common in Greece for the son of a priest to take over the post when his father dies, hence the prefix "Papa-" in many Greek last names, such as "Papandreous"; thogh the prifix would usually stick whether or not the son took up the cloth.

"Can we arrange for the new one to be even further from us than the current one? I am all for moving the dominion away from as far as it can go." Some conflicts are good but things that weaken her magic do not appeal to her much at all.

Odysseus smiles "I would be more than happy to help fund construction of a new church. Having the local clergy on our side would be quite useful." With a nod to Kallitia he continues "If I remember correctly, the Divine interacts badly with your magic? Perhaps we can move it closer to where our Covenfolk live? It makes for a shorter walk and would lessen the impact of the Church upon your magic."

The old priest is childless, he was married once but God did not give him any children. My servant has hinted a few things but I say that we keep gossip from this table. So we now have a opportunity to send some emissary to the bishop to see if we can affect the next priest. Polycarpus pause for a sip of vine. Also an other thing that I think might cause trouble in our future. The villagers have always settled their own issues but the council of the village elder. However our households do not belong to the village and perhaps do not recognise the authority. For now there has not been any trouble but it could be sometime in the future and I loath to see any mundane authority interfere with our way of life.

[color=red]God is not mundane

"He is not my god and while he has power, I don't want that power near me. We want to move it as far from the covenant as possible and if we help them build a new one, we can move it farther from us than the current one." The maga is firm in her words and suggestion. "He is a hostile power as much opposed to us as demons."

Titus arches an eyebrow at her words "Excuse me Maga, did you just compare G-d to Demons? I'd advise you to watch your words with care. While I might forgive your blasphemy, I'm sure others.." he eyes Stavros as he continues "Won't be as forgiving."

Stavros glares angrilly

Polycarpus: Regardless of or different views of the Lord. Should we help set up some sort of authority to uphold the law so that our households and the village don’t start off on the wrong terms. The villagers will ask for a priest but if we can keep a noblemans authority away from this island then I am most happy as that is a way to preserve our freedom.

Ink stains the nose of the man who hurries in belatedly, scratches his beard, and sits down.

Sorry I'm late. My oldest has sprained his ancle. Nestor is my name. You were talking about a church.

Saying that he sits down and listens.

ooc: I assume detailed stats won't be needed in this scene yet.

"We should bring the village under our authority as we really do not want any noble trying to tax us." Kallista is firm but she speaks about the church, "we also do not want the church meddling to much either. Since god's grace can be bought with coin. Let's buy us a complacent preist." She has heard about buying indulgences in travels and assumes the church is mostly for sale.

After hearing these comments, Stavros stands up angrilly, glares at Kallista, and walks out of the room...