Chapter 1: First Investigation

Lignarius joins the conversation in Latin:
"I have always been fascinated by the mysteries of Ancient Rome. If such a site truly exists, then I should investigate. I am also keen to move to a covenant in a more wooded area of the country, to further my studies of Herbam, and I feel this part of the country is ideal."

After 10-15 minutes of quite pondering, Magnus looks up. Looking over the room, seeing nobody else keen to take the word, he says: «I just want to see the world. I was due for a little break from the workshop, and this corner of the land is rumoured to be dense with magic and mysteries.»

Caernos states in Latin "Sodales, safe-ness, survive, place to be". He looks around the room hopefully. "Fells own place but hard and danger, I fall if not bigger clan"

[tab][/tab]Alan listened to the two more eloquent magi murmur about exploration and ruins. The Herbam master made him glance at the man for a moment, but it was the warrior that grabbed his attention. Poor man, seemed he had a survival struggle on his hands. Was he hunted by mundanes, magi, the fae? The Bretton was mildly worried about trouble arriving earlier than it should; this land was so full of strife and conflict, this circle must stop. He made a mental note to ask the giant more about the local problems, tactfully.
[tab][/tab] Nodding twice he addresses the ex Miscellanea; Allan: ''Our Covenants are akin to Clans; though we are not related by blood or creed, it is the Gift, the flow of magic that binds us together. One hand washes the other; it is a good bond, each one bringing to the table what the other lacks'' he says as soothingly as possibly. '' These fens... where are they located? I am unfamiliar with this land, excuse my lack of knowledge''

"fens?" Caernos replies looking confused, "No, here is fells, all around, small mountain is fell, moor and wood is fell. Fell we stand on. Good sheep, poor crop, that is fell."

[tab][/tab]Alan face lights up with comprehension; Alan: '' Ah...Fells..yes. We don't have those in Brittany. My bad. Wait...if its sheep come they are dangerous?''

Magnus giggles. Looks up briefly, but turns again swiftly to face the fire. Except. Watching for Caernos' reply from the corner of his eye.

"Sheep, dangerfull, what sort of sheep danger? Not here, sheep food and bah bah noise, no danger. Reiver danger, raid sheep and cows, kill people, burn and break. Very very bad, Angles and Scottie. Best kill reivers if can or they kill you before." Comes Caernos' confused and confusing reply. "You jokey Caernos with killer sheep story?"

«Reivers?» Magnus looks up again. «Is that another clan?»

"Many clans are reivers of the border lands, both from south and north. One attacks and the other chases the hot trot to catch and take back things, kill each other all time, north, south, east, west, no care. Take before make, kill before grow, that is the reiver. Reiver kill parens with arrow through his magic targe. Chase Caernos to fell home but me too sneak for catching." Replies Caernos.

«Are they powerful wizards, then, these reivers?» Magnus asks. «Far from here?»

"Never see spell previous to parens dead, no know if powerfilled". States Caernos seriously. He then smiles broadly as he says "Far away, no, here all about, everyone in big families reivers, this house may be revived house. Have pony, do reiver." Know when kill you they try, then know for sure, yes yes."

Magnus: «Oh ... they killed your parens, did they? What about the covenant then?»

"Caernos master of home after, now stores gone, village no talk to Caernos so look for new place to be. Friends to kill strong, magicus to learn so kill before kill back. So here is Caernos, ready to fight at new sodales."

«Is that why Martin wanted to get us here, then? Sounds like a challenge.»

[tab][/tab] Alan listens to the magus story intently. Seems like mundanes killed the man's parens not so long ago. He nods sympathetically. Alan: '' I am sorry, I did not mean anything with the sheep comment. So it seems this part of the land is lawless, people raid for livestock and goods all the time since no side is willing to impose order. I do not think that Gifted people would stoop to such tactics, but I could be wrong. Non the less, it seems we should all be very alert with our possessions especially at night'' He looks at Caernos and says in a respectful tone ''I am sorry for your loss. Have you found and buried the body? Do you need help with that? I hope you will resolve this and find peace. Let me tell you though...violence is not always the solution you think it is. It is always better to build than to destroy...''

Tomas listens with interests at the back and forth of the magus. When there is a pause he speaks up. " I am Tomas filius Tactius ex Merinita. I wished to go to a new Covenant because it sounded exciting. My Parens thought it would be good if I got out in the world. I have been in fairy almost more than I have been..." He gestures with his hands that seems to encompass everything. "... here."

"Two years past is Parens, body long gone now. Make is good but all smiles and help need be behind a metal hand cover, Here strength makes peace, peace and nice not make strength, just death." replies Caernos

[tab][/tab] Alan looks a little dejected at the ex Miscellanea. Alan: '' Violence is not the remedy you think it is'' There is a slight sorrow in his voice. He then gets distracted by the Merinita and the fascinating things he says. '' Faerie? You mean you lived...there? Have you seen Avalon or the Mist Isles? How about Green Knights? Lady of the Lake? Beansidhe? '' He sounds almost excited.

Magnus has been staring meditatively into the fire for a while, but now he looks up.
«Evidently we have transgressed the limits of civilisation. I hadn't realised.» He faces Alan, and adds: «I am not so sure we should assume what are and what are not appropriate solutions in these wild lands, Alan. We may find that we have a lot to learn.»

He turns towards Caernos. «Is it far from here, your covenant? Or did you say village? Should we fear the reivers even tonight?»