Chapter 1: First Investigation

Tomas smiles slightly. I was a changeling. I grew up in a Court of Fairy. I'm afraid I did not get to travel much nor realize all that I saw. My parens, Tactius, won me in a game of chance when I was ten or so. Since then I have trained as his apprentice. Much of our time was spend in Crun Clach which is very close to Fairy. With any luck we could go back and find Avalon if you wish.

"For me, cross fells, two days, for you with your cart and bags, five years me thinks hahaha" comes Caernos' reply. "50 miles or so south east to the water of Ennerdale, then inland down valley."

«Very funny,» Magnus says grumpily and turns to fire to resume his deep thoughts.

"Anyway, what fear would Magi like you is, have of a Reiver?, we, together are a power, fear not tonight the Reivers, Maggnuss, any how's this farm have little worth raiding me thinks" replies Caernos.

Magnus keep staring into the fire, saying «Those who do not fear, may well neglect to prepare, and facing the unknown unprepared is what I fear most of all.»

[tab][/tab] Alan listens to what Magnus says with seriousness. He shrugs and fixes the cut of his robe, not liking what he hears.
[tab][/tab] As Tomas explains about his past, he brightens again, then scowls. Alan: '' I'd like that...someday. From afar though, because I have heard those that go there, rarely leave. I have an amateurs... interest in the myths of Arthur. They are quite popular oversees nowadays''. He seems to blush slightly, or maybe its just the cold breeze of the season.
[tab][/tab] He then turns to the Redcap. Alan: '' So...what is the plan you have hatched? What are we to do and when.''

Magnus looks up and faces the Redcap with anticipation.

[tab][/tab] While waiting for the Redcap to gather his thoughts and explain the situation, Alan turns to the fierce Caernos and speaks softly. Alan:''So, are these reivers so dangerous? Aren't they cattle and goods thieves? I heard that this land caught between two kingdoms is had troubles but surely some kind of order must exists. People still live here do they not? What other kind of mundane dangers are we to face, please tell us''. Alan focuses on the answers given to him by his Sodales. He wished he had mastered the knack of stationary meditation, just like his pater and former covenant members did. A pang of nostalgia fills his heart, but he lets it pass through him and drain away. This is the here and now, a new beginning demanding his effort and attention.....

The cities have the law, but between is wild lands. Big families hate each other bad, raid and pillage is way of life. Kings of Angle and Scottie not care enough to clean puss between clans. So we care to take, kill if need but only if weak we seem. Cowardly are reivers mostly unless they find reasons for hate. I give that reason me think when kill them I did with Parens. Nixons they where and me like kill all them if can, revenge for Parens dead. They know me and hunt me as well I hunt them. You want help me clear them good?

Lignarius looks apprehensive.

"I don't think any of us wants to interfere with them more than we need to defend ourselves, but if there are many of them threatening us, we will be forced to take strong action. Is violence the only language they understand?"

"That's my sense of it magus," Martin answers Lignarius in Latin. "They don't respond to much else, from what I've heard. I've been lucky enough to avoid them during my duties so far. The place where we're going is pretty safe though, with Carlisle and its garrison being more or less between there and the north, if you take a road. Unless you take a boat, of course. The village there has never been raided as far as I know, so it's got that going for it. I haven't spent much time there at all, to be honest, so I don't know what to expect really. It's not really on my route, so I couldn't stay more than an afternoon there, on the way through. I tried to ask the locals about what's in the ruins, and that's where most of what I've shared with you all already came from. Didn't have a chance to actually go into the ruins themselves. Villagers did tell me to steer clear of them though, but that's always what folks say about things they don't fathom. Doesn't mean that what their imaginations have cooked up is actually there. So my suggestion is to make the half-day's trek there with enough food to last us for a week or so, since the villagers don't have much to share or sell, and have a look for ourselves. You can leave most of your belongings here, if you like. I'll vouch for the farmer and his family. They know about the Order through a second cousin who had a Gifted daughter who was snat... apprenticed about 10 year ago. They know what to expect if they don't stay honest."

[tab][/tab] Alan listens to the Redcap and his plans. He has a slightly worried frown on his face, whether from all this talk about reavers or the difficult lives people in these parts have to endure is anyone's guess. He nods in accent about leaving the bulkier stuff here, and decides he will have a talk with the owner of the farm when he entrusts his things to them. The Gift can be a terrible burden when every man, woman or child fears you, especially since obedience is bought with threats of retribution. Alan goes over what he has learned about the ruins and village. Seems to him its more of a fishing village than an actual agricultural one, and judging by other fishing villages in Alba this one should pretty much in poverty too. Good think that Carlisle is somewhat close, the added security would be welcome.

My arts are more for deception and hiding than combat. I will do what I can for the trip. Tomas adds. Olaf will accompany me as my shield.

«Very well, Martin,» says Magnus, «we came to risk the unknown, and your plan suits me fine. I don't think of myself as a warrior, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve, and I too, brought a shield grog.» He looks at Martin with a faint hope that he might volunteer some more information. Then he continuous, «maybe we should introduce ourselves, with our strenghts and weeknesses, so that everybody knows what to expect of eachother? What do you think?»

Caernos replies "Me Cearnos and maga and warrior both I. Me born of Nudens, great god of sees an dogs and heel. Me good at cure men and cows to better my Parens tell, he seem shocked me thinking. Spells know are for the outside to make better for me live. that is Caernos".

[tab][/tab] Alan on his turn says '' As I said, I am Alan and I am good with stone and earth. I am afraid I will not be much in a fight, my values are against conflicts. I prefer peaceful solutions and I am good at talking to people, I must humbly admit. People are less affected by my presence than normal. I was apprenticed as a stone cutter and know a bit of masonry too. I can mold and sculpt stone''.

Magnus introduces his compentencies in due course, «I am a smith, armourer for the most part, but I do weapons too. Among the arts I do not have any real favourites, maybe Imaginem and Mentem. I have learnt a few tricks in those forms, but I prefer myself as an Hermetic generalist. I have brought a couple creations which may come in handy in a fight. The great sword the grog carries for instance, has a dangerous Ignem effect. »

Lignarius announces "I work with wood and trees. This art is versatile for crafting, comfort and defence, and has a few offensive applications."

"I'm decent with the sword, for what it's worth," adds Martin, "But I also don't tend to allow myself to be involved in disputes of a martial nature, if I can help it... Well then, I suggest we get some rest this night, and hope for better weather when we set off tomorrow."

Martin's hope is answered when the next day dawns without a cloud in sight. Once everyone has eaten, the farmer takes you outside into the rain-cooled morning air and leads you to a storage hut, where you are to leave your baggage. He promises their safekeeping, but isn't offended if any of you choose to cast protective spells. His wife has been preparing your provisions for the week, which Martin mentions he's already payed for. They are loaded into one of the carts, along with anything else the magi choose to bring.

((Please make note of anything you would like to take, including vis and the physical form it's in.))

Once it appears to him that everyone is assembled, Martin announces, "Very good, we'll be off soon then. Who's going, so I know how many of us there are?" He counts silently, then continues, "With this many people, it's best if we skirt Carlisle - no sense in attracting attention - and then head west on the old Via Vallum. There'll be a couple tough spots for the cart, but maybe Magus Lignarius can help us out of them once we get in them?"

"Any last questions before we leave?"

((Also, it would be good to stat up the grogs who are going, or at least which Virtues and Flaws they have.))