Chapter 1: Meetings and Partings

Winds blinks at Apple's warning. Oh boy. She watches him as he moves away and starts thinking of the spells she knows and how they might be applied to this situation. Trying to appear to move as little as possible, she slides her foot around on the floor of the hotspring, trying to find a rock with her toes. As Apple holds the attention of the older magi, she wraps her arms about herself as if she were cold and insecure, and slowly sinks down into the water until only her head is visible. Reaching out with her one hand, she grasps the fist sized stone she found. As ready as she can be, Winds stays down in the water for now, trying to appear as insignifigant as possible.

Ilmari appears in the steamy mists behind Jacopo, and Winds looks at him, trying to convey a warning with her eyes alone before turning her attention back to Jacopo and Apple.

Korvin disrobes and leaves the knife folded up in his clothes. He follows Ilmari in and is surprised when Ilmari stops short of the spring. As he trying to look around Ilmari and figure out what is happening.

He whispers to Ilmari "What is happening?"

Ilmari slides to one side, so Korvin can see the figure of Jacopo for himself, and the knife he holds. He is on guard, more than half expecting the mage of questionable sanity to spin and strike, and he is prepared to fast-cast a spell to remove himself to immediately the other side of the Tytalus and grapple him, should he even make a feint at that.

Jonathan is blocked from entry for his refusal to disrobe.
"Look, I simply don't feel like it. I am not in the mood to get wet right now. Just let me through..."

"Before you two kill one another could you kindly explain what is happening? I must assume that a Wizard war has begun at midnight"

Korvin slides past Ilmari and Jacopo (if possible) into the cave with the hot spring and gives them plenty of room.

(OOC: How much of this does Jonathan overhear?)

Apple smiles at Korvin and Ilmari's arrival. "Oh good. I was afraid Winds here was going to be the only sane witness to all of this."

He frowns a second. "I don't think this is just a Wizard's War though. They're talking like something else is about to happen.

"And they were just about to tell us what. I hope."

Pryor looks straight at you, his eyes level, still unperturbed by the cold. "I cannot do that, Jonathan."

You might be able to get by him if you resorted to stronger measures, though that may have its own consequences.

Waiting outside, Jonathan can’t hear much of the conversation going on inside... but read on.

Cato's eyes are mad. He grins, a savage, feral thing that looks unfamiliar on his normally kind face. "They, Master Apple? At what point do two become one? In love? In hate? At what point does a man become his enemy, so much does he hate him?"

He narrows his eyes, mad with rage - or something more? He says a single word.


He lunges for Jacopo, who is inscrutable, his eyes narrowed at the oncoming Jerbiton. There is a scuffle, almost too fast to see, and a scream that is cut off by a gurgle and a flash of red.

Jacopo's eyes are wide with shock... for the face of his ancient enemy may be the last thing he'll ever see. His throat is savagely torn, as if by an enraged beast. His grisly visage, spattered with his own blood, seems suspended in the air for an eternal moment. Then he topples, and fingers of red flow from his wounds out onto the ground and into the water.

Cato steps back, holding the silver knife slick with blood. He pauses, his brows furrowed in concentration, and then disappears.

You might have time to fast-cast in response to what's going on.

Jonathan didn't hear the preceding conversation, but he definitely heard the scream, as well as any loud voiced castings that might follow.

Ilmari takes another step to the side as Cato rushes the Tytalus, and for a moment hesitates as he considers how best to help the struggle against the man he considers "a doke" - but it is over faster than it began.

He looks down at Jacopo, knowing - believing - what he just witnessed was a crime according to the Code, as he knew of no declared Wizards War, and in a Covenant of Redcaps, he would expect to have heard that such been declared. Fast action might save the bleeding mage, who, undoubtedly, could answer many questions - but Ilmari takes no perceptible action, his face a cold mask of distance.

He does, in his own mind, reflect on a different code, from a different life, one that had always made more sense to him, and felt more familiar at a gut level. And in a way, he regretted that Cato had lived up to that code, even if he, Ilmari, had not yet reached a point with Jacopo where, personally, he had felt obliged to.

Apple sighs, "That can't be good" and dives after Jacopo. He pulls him above water, trying to put pressure on the wound to keep the blood from spilling out. He spits water out of his mouth and looks around. "Anyone good with Coporem or do I need to try?" he growls. He pulls Jacopo out of the hot springs and onto the side of the pool, examining the wound.

If Apple can get Jacopo to drop his parma, Apple will do a spont. Physician's Eye and then cast Bind Wound if no one else comes forward. Otherwise, he'll attempt to do what First Aid he can

Apple yells for Pryor to come in.

((Korvin will have to spontaneous cast a bind wound spell to try and hold him.

Which of course I botch.


Korvin panics at the sight what just happen and stumbles over the words. His spell causes the the flesh to grow over Jacopo's mouth and nose ( if it penetrates).

So is he still standing here shivering and naked? I say ti him "Look, if you will get out of the cold and stop freezing, then I will join you if that's what it takes to keep you from freezing to death. I still don't like it and I think..."

Then there is a scream, Apple yells for Pryor. Unless he is blocked, Jonathan goes to investigate.

As everyone rushes over to Jacopo, Winds looks around the cavern for any other surprises. She moves around the chamber, shining her magical light to the sides, looking for any signs of movement in the shadows which would indicate that Cato went invisible. Glancing over her shoulder back to the gathered magi leaning over Jacopo, she shouts over the water. "Will he make it?"

Korvin curses at his mistake but then seems to think for a moment and run out the cave ( pushing past Jonanthan) and grabbing the knife from his robes. He brings it in and casts heat of the searing forge on the blade and uses it to cauterize the wounds that he can.

Chirgery 1 + int 3 plus roll 6 = 10


((I have no idea what the difficulty factor is))

These wounds are worse than any you've personally had to treat, far worse than you'd think a simple dagger could inflict. Jacopo appears barely conscious - he has clearly suffered an incapacitating wound and is very near death.

You go to get the knife, and you notice something disquieting. Where previously it lay folded amongst your clothes near the entrance to the cave, now it lies alone on the ground. Excepting the knife, all of your clothes are gone. Every robe, tunic, belt, coat. Everything is gone.

The magic gets away from you, and you can feel your spell trying to take hold, almost as if it were alive. This lasts but a moment, and then all is calm again. Your spell has had no visible effect.

Your attempt at cauterization is successful, as far as it goes. The wounds are simply too bad, and it seems like all but the deftest touch would surely harm or kill him rather than help him. You do as much as you can, and the bleeding is staunched a little bit.

He's naked, but he's not shivering - in fact, he never was. He seems utterly unbothered by the cold.

Hearing Apple's yell, Pryor heads turns and heads silently inside, the slight hustle in his walk the only thing that betrays his agitated state. No one appears to be barring your entrance now, so you can choose to follow him if you want.

Sometime during your talk with Pryor and the commotion, a fresh set of tracks has appeared in the snow, leading out into the night.

It’s possible, but it’s very dimly lit and shadowy in here, and there are no shadows out of place that you or anyone can see. If he's invisible, he's probably not hiding in this room.

However, as you continue to look around the cave, you notice two things. First, your clothes are missing, every scrap, just as Korvin noted. Second, there are distinct tracks of wet feet on bare stone, that lead out of the cave and into the snow

Apple will look up as Pryor makes his entrance, smiling. He'll gesture at Jacopo. "Best get busy and obtain some help for Master Korvin."

Apple will walk outside to retrieve his robe, and found his clothes missing. He considers a moment then will attempt to create a basic robe to wear back. He'll wander back inside, dodging around Ilmari, glancing at what Pryor and Korvin are up to. He'll walk up to Winds, stop, and smile at her. "Sorry for the delay in answering your question. The answer is: he's not in good shape. Might die. We'll see what Pryor does.

"Our clothes are gone."

Winds looks up from studying the snow when Apple approaches. At his declaration of Jacopo's status, she snorts and opens her mouth to say something, but then snaps her mouth shut, thinking it better to say nothing at all. She blinks and turns, pointing to the snow on the ground not far away and the tracks imprinted in it leading away from the cave. "I found some fresh tracks, and unless someone else is invisible and walking around, they belong to Cato. I'm not that good at tracking, are you?"

Turning to face back into the cavern, she yells to everyone inside. "I think I found Cato's footprints. Anyone good at tracking through snow?"

"I've done all I can. Help me lower him into the spring. Perhaps the White Lady will help or......"

Korvin leaves his last thought unvoiced.

"Jonathan, you had better get us some clothes. I'm more worried about what Cato might be doing. I would suggest that you return to the Covenant now to make sure he does not do something insane. Send one of the Redcaps to us with some robes."

"Me? I was the one wise enough to not take of his clothes, and now you want me to be errand boy?"

He thinks quietly to himself for a moment.

"I will go ger help, don't worry. But in the mean time, there is this set of footprints outside. The Finn, he doesn't seem to mind the snow. Perhaps you could ask him to follow them? Naked in the snow..." (He can't help but snicker, then he gets serious because there is a life on the line).

"I am headed back to the covenant, and I shall send clothing and help."
And with that, he sets off using Wizard's Leap as often as he can to speed his journey.